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  1. After all the talk of bringing in a young manager, Davidson, Ferguson and Brown all looking poor with much better squads than us.
  2. I watched Nicky a few weeks back. He was playing for Clydebank against Beith. Still has a wand of a left foot.
  3. Absolutely. We desperately need a Nicky Low or Ryan McCord type in the midfield. We now have some forwards but no creativity.
  4. Yesterday was embarrassing and unacceptable. A real shame for the players who may have had their last game at Gayfield. There have been some really thoughtful comments on our current situation. Comments about the performances of Hylton and Gaston are pretty accurate. We saw some incredible match winning displays. The root cause of our decline has been the recruitment. The new manager has made a really positive start to rectifying that. He needs to be allowed to compete his signings. I’m optimistic that we’ll then start the next season with a competitive squad. If that doesn’t translate into results on the pitch within weeks then JM will be gone one way or another. I’m in no doubt.
  5. The same information in the Sun (it was on the bar, I didn’t buy the Sun). Saying that he had offers and would decide in the Summer. It’s very hard to see him getting a better part time offer particularly with training now in Edinburgh. East Fife would need to stretch their pay structure and we know how badly that can affect the dressing room atmosphere. It could only be someone like Alloa of Falkirk and again, it’s hard to see how he would be better off. A huge favourite at Gayfield, would he risk a move at 33?
  6. Maybe a mistaken assumption that Mikey is off. JM seems to be using the players he expects to keep. Yesterday McKenna started and played the whole game.
  7. A decent effort today and we could easily have taken the points. No shortage of effort and commitment from the players and plenty of motivation from the bench. Nice to see Mikey score. Hope he stays.
  8. Agree apart from the total aversion some of us have for returning to Hamilton after our treatment there 2 seasons ago.
  9. I doubt any of us want Inverness relegated with us. QP is a much better away day despite Hampden.
  10. I hope Ricky Little stays. Even if he doesn’t play every game, he is such a good influence with his level of commitment. Anyone know whether he’s likely to be in the reckoning?
  11. A brilliant signing. A proven part time striker who has experience across the Scottish leagues. it’s refreshing to have these announcements without the daft precursors we’ve been used to in recent years. The performances on the pitch have been disappointing but I think the work done behind the scenes is promising. I guess the Jimmy Boyle connection with Airdrie may have helped to swing this one.
  12. I heard we’re after a striker. Maybe that name to be announced?
  13. I think we’d all love him to stay. Always a Lichtie legend for his crucial part in our best Championship season. I feel sure he’s been offered a good deal to stay on at Gayfield. He would be great back in L1. At 33 it may suit him. If he chooses to take a better offer then he goes with my blessing and would hopefully free some funds for fresh talent.
  14. No faith, but I still think it’s too early to tell.
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