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  1. Hahaha aw deary me man, I wish this boy yous are on about would come on here or even better share his name mate? Come on don't be shy we are all ears!!! I see you like the park mate.....
  2. Mate come on eh lol?! You scoffed yer pies aye - ya absolute mess Did u pipe in coz u thot he said chips?
  3. Dinnae mention tarts when magoos aboot he'll eat this thread
  4. Hahaha mate really??? Come on lad bet your seething that you know your wrong, back to the drawing board chubbs
  5. hahaha brilliant mate - your clutching at straws man - pathetic really but good to see your no further forward Send us all the link mate I want a wee read Your a big pudding...... true story
  6. Hahaha well you will get done with wasting police time my good friend While you were on the phone to them should have tried to get answers for that coupon of yours - they might have no been able to shed any light on it tho - probably would need special branch to take that task on. #BEHEMOTH
  7. How about grow a set of balls and just say who you are? Or you embarrassed about how you've acted to come out and admit to who you are. Some of the chat is tragic Yeah you are spot on mate - good post
  8. I found major help did you no see that - don't tell me your eyes are like magoos Aw dry your eyes man I injured my knee against bsc i think.................and magoo that doesn't stand for "broon sauce chief"
  9. I've found major help mate - what do I do now.....
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