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  1. Broxburn signed a few as well. Were they released or didn’t want to stay? Not much happening on players coming in !!
  2. Not hearing very much, only ones I’ve heard mentioned are Hammill, Harvey and the Arniston manager.
  3. Don’t think Mcliesh should be anywhere near the place. When he left before , he trashed the club on social media regarding finances and their refusal to be taken over by a company who are now bust. Thought it was very unprofessional
  4. Hope not , ruined a decent Musselburgh team . They need to open it up to applications. Great job for the right manager .
  5. I agree , need to be braver and bring the young ones in . There’s some good players in the 20s and it would be a shame to lose them to other clubs who would be willing to give them a chance . Sadly, it’s not going to happen.
  6. Ian Flynn and Jocky McCrAw is a good appointment - just need to get thru this season and start from scratch next season with their own players
  7. The manager should not need to be held back by players because a ‘buffoon’ shouted at him. Not acceptable. I believe the ‘buffoon’ in question has been a season ticket holder for many years and part of a group who puts money into the football club on a regular basis. Surely he can voice his opinion . I wasn’t there and don’t know what was shouted but ffs you can’t go around challenging supporters to fight!!!
  8. Very poor lily team , fantastic set up and hats off to them for all. The hard work put in - Fyn Connor I thought had a great first half, Yanni strolled it - 2 CB very comfortable - looking much better
  9. Think Dunbar are investing heavily in the team and crossgates are no pushovers
  10. Think his reputation for free flowing football goes before him -
  11. Aye , tried that last year with the Arniston lads
  12. I would imagine a few ex Arniston players and a couple young Livvy players on loan
  13. On the twitter page now - promising so far IMO most of the Dalkeith team or at least the footballers in the team will want to leave !! Hearing Tansey is off
  14. Whose next. Yano was a guest at their game on Saturday so I would think it would been on the cards
  15. Horrible season - Need to start again from scratch .
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