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  1. It's a weird one because statistically the Rangers support are fairly typically west coast working class when it comes to this stuff, but studies show a mental amount of support for everything from Brexit to Trump amongst the regulars at Ibrox as well so some people must be zig zagging their way through life. In all seriousness though Rangers are a fucking weird institution.
  2. He's just a silly auld c**t in a wig, but unfortunately he has a seat in the legislature.
  3. There's too many throbbing members in that ridiculous museum.
  4. There's a reason they're gutting the BBC and flogging Channel 4. It's the same reason they're borderline openly hostile to culture and the arts.
  5. The 'good chaps theory of government' is embarrassing nonsense.
  6. I used to think he was a w**k who appeared on crap television shows to give advice to Facebook Maws who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. I am rapidly revising that opinion in the current crisis.
  7. Read my last sentence. It's part of a broader point. He won't move in any significant way on the cost of living crisis unless he's absolutely forced to. Here's hoping.
  8. Sunak actually campaigned in the cabinet against Covid restrictions and brought in some of the Great Barrington Declaration crowd to do a presentation. It is well established that Eat Out To Help Out was responsible for the second wave of Covid. He was busy grinning and serving meals without a mask for publicity. His actions around the energy crisis have prioritised protecting 'investment' (rich people) at the expense of much of the public freezing or starving. The branding job done on Sunak has been unbelievable but my hope is that will not be enough. Everything is about money for a man like him.
  9. He's a smug and obscenely rich Thatcherite twat placed in politics by his father-in-law. He made his personal fortune by profiting from the financial crisis of 2008. He didn't want lockdown and he didn't want furlough. The treasury made that happen in spite of him. He's the single biggest enemy of ordinary folk in this country right now. Steve Baker is awful but a lot of people actually recognise and like Sunak. He is the deadly snake that needs decapitated.
  10. As we have seen with several high profile footballers, bankruptcy can often just be a pathetic tax dodge.
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