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  1. Aye you can’t move at Inverness games for all the central belt glory hunters attracted by John Hughes’ sexy football.
  2. Samson away to Hibs. No great loss in itself, hopefully the new man already had somebody lined up anyway.
  3. Nigerian centre forward. 9 in 31 games last season for a team that finished 3rd bottom of the Hungarian league (according to transfermarkt at least). Doesn't sound too bad.
  4. I really hope not. Can’t be hard to find an equally not that good keeper down south or elsewhere for free surely if that’s the level they’re aiming at?
  5. Can you at least aim this sort of low level trolling crap at the people making posts about Real Madrid etc?
  6. I saw some saying similar about Stuart Armstrong when he's being linked to the likes of Fulham and Fiorentina. Have to hope they're joking as otherwise what planet are they on?
  7. Aye I was surprised at that too. I think they traditionally had a relationship with Holsten Pils but I don't think that's brewed in Hamburg itself anymore either.
  8. When is it the new manager takes over officially? Is it from tomorrow? Plenty of time for us to be linked with any and all kinds of Scandinavian players that may or may not have the slimmest links to him.
  9. So Queen of the south then East Kilbride away followed by Airdrie and Dumbarton at home with the Queens and Airdrie games televised. Could guarantee if it was the BBC the East Kilbride game would be on so they could mention Darvel another 1000 times.
  10. Just saw that St Mirren have just loaned a different keeper from Brentford so could affect whether they're going to loan the Icelandic guy. Then again the size of some premier league squads it might not make any difference at all.
  11. Have to admit I was pretty meh about his signing but there's no doubt he's been one of our best players this season. Possibly the best outside of Miovski.
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