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  1. I may have missed it but has anyone thanked the pars for 12 points this season? So kind of them.
  2. Darvel 1 - 0 Aberdeen. It could not happen to the Rovers eh no? EH? EH?
  3. That is the 3 million dollar question. hard to think he is turning his back on the club he has supported since he was a wee boy.
  4. Frank did so much for this club of ours. Started with dross and made a diamond, a club to be proud of. It was an education going round the back of the dressing room to hear his half time talk. He did not mince his words. Had time for the fans as well. He will be missed. R.I.P. indeed.
  5. Nae sleep tonight now. Nightmares, Nightmares and more Nightmares.
  6. Sooo Pars looking for a new manager. Who thinks Martin Bashir would be a good fit?
  7. Rumours have it that the Pars are going to form a mid-week league of their own. No other teams invited they will just play themselves. At present the bookies have installed the 1st team as second favourites .
  8. What we need is a big sponsor. Can I suggest we contact 18 - 30 holidays cos every time we go away we get f***ed. On a more serious note, and I have mentioned this before, every year we hold a Hall Of Fame night and there is always a scramble for tickets. It has outgrown it's venue years ago. Hold this at Starks in pre-season with the stage in front of the south stand. We could then sell 2500 tickets @ £12 and get all the drinks/food concessions into the rovers pot.
  9. I have been inspired by Burns to this humble effort. When Raith beat the Pars three nil. It was strange last Saturday afternoon Both town centres were quite and still Because 6000 had gone to StarksPark When Raith beat the Pars three nil. It was one of our own that did the scoring Moving from midfield the striker’s role to fill He got his first professional hat-trick When Raith beat the Pars three nil. A spot kick, a header and a cheeky wee rob Left Stevie Crawford feeling the chill As half the fans in the pars end left early When Raith beat the Pars three nil This is going into a poetry competition It’ll no win but imagine the thrill On his face as the provost reads out the title When Raith beat the Pars three nil
  10. Nisbet signs until May 2020 After scoring the opening goal in the win over Queen’s Park in the Scottish Cup Round 3 match at the weekend, playing a massive part in a 3-0 victory, Raith Rovers are delighted to have secured the services of 18 goal striker Kevin Nisbet on an extended contract until 31st May 2020.
  11. The Club can confirm that we have reached amicable terms with Kevin Cuthbert to terminate his contract. He has now left the club. We thank him for his 4 years of service and wish him well for the future. I, like many others, think he has let his pride rule his brain on his decision this time.
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