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  1. Agree Alloas squad will likely be stable but still some major gaps to fill from the loanees returning to parent clubs- Andy Graham has been brilliant but his actual recruitment still relatively untested. He didn't have to undertake too much activity in the January window. As such pretty much up in the air as to how we will fare. I'd obviously expect a top 4 target again but whether we'll be anywhere near favourites remains to be seen. I really like trips to Stenny but historically other than Falkirk and Stirling there's very little needle between Alloa and other neighbouring clubs such as Stenny, Shire etc
  2. Buchanans goal at Stenhousemuir in the League Cup early doors was an under rated gem. It was the first time I thought we could have a proper player on our hands. Work still to do as mentioned but he's improved a lot this season. Agree with everyone, he's not far off becoming a regular starter.
  3. 100% and I was talking about this at the weekend. Very much a confidence player. It took him a while to come out of his shell, but when it clicked with him he never looked back. All three of the young loan players were a great watch, but you could argue Taylor Steven had the lowest profile of the three but the most impact. Hes been terrific overall for Alloa. He likely needs a run of games, playing every week in the position where hes most effective. If his self belief remains high I think he'll be a real asset for St Johnstone. If as you mention hes on the bench getting the odd ten minutes he'd likely be better off on loan to a club at a higher level than us to progress (Falkirk, Ayr etc). Pretty much mirrors the Luke Rankin situation for me but down a scale- need to give him a run of games when he returns, see if we can keep the momentum from his successful loan spell in the Lowland League
  4. I think hes on (relatively) fairly high money, so Andy might review whether he continues to provide value. His experience shows in the bigger games. Saturday he essentially struck home his only real chance on goal. No big time aura about him, works as hard as anyone in the squad and not too proud to play off the bench. Id also like to see another season from him, overall Ive really liked him as an Alloa player.
  5. I think so too- Brian Rices recruitment was a bit haphazard towards the end as he tried to find a solution. Our squad likely too big at the moment and wasnt surprised in January when Andy wasnt fussed about adding to it. Squad definitely needs trimmed back a bit numbers wise- expect him to utilise the loan market too so that takes a bit of time.
  6. Indeed, I think Andy will give him a chance to make an impact. There's gaps in the squad with loanees returning and look forward to seeing him come back full of confidence and try to make his mark.
  7. Morgyn Neill messed up. No one will know that better than him and I'm sure it will be discussed with the manager. I'd rather celebrate the performance on Saturday than dwell on the error and get the pitchforks out. You always want your team to play in as high a league as possible, but for the manager I think be more proactive to build for what looks like a decent League One campaign next season rather than battening down the hatches in the Championship. Better for his development and progress at the club. I'm not too bothered about not going up for that reason.
  8. I thought Hetherington was at times a wee step off the play in the first half, but second half he was absolutely terrific- arguably the best hes been all season.
  9. Theres surely no chance Taylor Steven comes back next season. I'd expect him to be starting at St Johnstone - at worst at a full time Championship team where he plays every week.
  10. I can see the point from Waspie in as much as the referee managing the situation based on the vital nature of the game. We dont actually know the words that were said, but regardless its a complete heads gone moment from Morgyn Neill and a very costly one from an Alloa perspective. The "what if" had he stayed on the park is just that though- we were terrific in the second half with ten men, Sammon wouldnt have come on at half time and opened the game up a bit.
  11. Not being smart because its a common misconception that we have a tight pitch- I think when it comes to pitch dimensions Accies and Alloa playing surfaces are exact same width.
  12. An Accies fan I know on Facebook posted this photo of the boy parking up outside the ground
  13. Sold out mate In all seriousness I doubt there will be a huge uptake, nor interest from the Alloa support- would expect low numbers as we have a far more important game that midweek. Don't know what we've been allocated but I think our away support likely to be smaller than usual.
  14. Best not to open that particular can of worms. There's lots of absolute nonsense going on which appears to be driven from folk who are acting well above their station. (absolutely not related to the two top guys who have posted above) I've got a massive closet to empty on social media as soon as the season is over.
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