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  1. Agree Donnelly still not at his best, it's been a bit frustrating that he hasn't been able to get a good run of games this season due to injuries. Yesterday's game quite similar, in that he wasn't quite firing on all cylinders attack wise- but I thought his presence and work behind the strikers left a gap when he was subbed. Wasn't the only reason but Cove got a foothold in the game once they didn't have to worry about him.
  2. Everything was going to plan, dominant performance and looked very comfortable. Introducing Buchanan and Scougall looked a no brainer, but our shape went to pot for a bit. Donnelly did a lot of good work in front of the midfield and Cove finally got some freedom in that area. Cove got a lifeline and then it was like Cambodian fields in the Alloa penalty area. I thought Morrison could have done better at Coves first goal but otherwise he was excellent. Both Bobby Wales goals were terrific moves. Wales, Steven and Sutherland are all a great watch, and yesterday was no different. We will be a threat in the playoffs and for 70 minutes we showed why. That wee spell of horror also showed why we have some vulnerability. A brilliant way to reach the play-offs though, Andy Graham has done a great job since coming in. All the nonsense off the park is a real shame because on the pitch everything is pretty positive.
  3. Luke Rankins goal record has been terrific for Shire. Exceeded expectations and hopefully he comes back in summer on fire and desperate to stake his place in the team. Potential to fill one of the gaps left by Steven and Wales departing- let's hope so anyway. No doubt in my mind Andy Graham will give him opportunities
  4. Yes, hit on the head with fairly decent size stones/rocks on a few occasions first half, didn't seem like much was getting done outside the ground. Big gang of kids in Stirling town centre all dressed in black heading towards the train station after the game as I headed to Morrisons for a beer. Its all a bit silly. As previously mentioned, enjoyed having the derbies back this season but has led to lots of issues with the youngsters on both sides seemingly every fixture.
  5. John deserves a great turnout for this, the amount of memorabilia and knowledge he has on the club is unsurpassed... Hopefully lots of supporters make the effort to head down.
  6. I have to admit I don't get the same perverse joy at seeing Queens plummet as I have with other full time clubs over the years. Queens boys have never been a bullish bunch, even when they walked this league 11 years ago. Our trip down there a couple of months ago (where we played quite garbage and left with a point) was pretty startling. You always get a bit of real adversity when defending the clock end, but the terrace was completely devoid of any enthusiasm and really sparse in numbers.
  7. We seem to always go back to 4-2-3-1 formation. Remember Peter Grant tried his diamond midfield then eventually gave up and reverted back to it. Brian Rice tried formations which I didn't think were invented yet...and here we are back to the old tried and tested- it always seems to get the best out of the players.
  8. Andy Graham contract extension confirmed this morning for next season, which was an absolute no brainer given how he's fared so far as manager. Support would have been patient with Andy and let him find his feet, he's definitely exceeded expectations so far.
  9. It was always a case of the 3 points being there for the taking but have to give credit to Edinburgh for making it tough for long spells. Thankfully never have to go back to Meadowbank now. We scored pretty much right away and were good early doors but seemed to get complacent. Thankfully our attitude was much better second half and quality showed in the end. A win at Kelty on Tuesday night would put us in a brilliant position as the league gets into the business end of the season.
  10. Two games in a week so I think both will get game time. Sammon will likely get the nod to start and I think he deserves it.
  11. They'll be high fiving each other in the main stand for a job well done. Heard other fans who follow the team home and away were threatened with being banned too for absolutely nothing.
  12. This is it in a nutshell. We knew Rice had recruited a decent squad, it was frustrating to see them underperforming. Squad is actually playing to their capability now, and then some. The transformation in Taylor Steven in particular, hes a revelation now for us. We have so much attacking threat it seems. Defence still needs work, and with some real key players only on loan there will be activity in summer which will be Andys next big challenge as a manager. The challenges however are lining up in a sequence that's perfect for his development. Still a lot of football to be played but we look good for a playoff spot right now.
  13. That timeline sounds about right- March 2015 so we are just at the end of year 9. I wonder what became of Levi Fernández. I'd be amazed if it still involves playing football.
  14. It's way more your forte, I looked at that same balance sheet and my initial thought was an asset transfer from the clubs books to Mike's company, although at 190k must have been something substantial. Again I might be completely barking up the wrong tree, speculation and mighty leaps of faith drew me to that conclusion. If Mulraney properties have an extra 190k in their assets then it would make sense to me.
  15. Im guessing because Im far from a finance expert- but that this would relate to the onboarding of the new chairman and transition from previous chairman, with Mike converting his debt into shares and Andrew Allan investing to a respectable level. I might be completely wrong though
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