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  1. Been asking for years why we don't put something more permanent up, let's be honest the East stand isn't coming any time soon

    Also the 2 corners of the west stand are embarassing with what can only be described as construction fencing. would bricks to match and a brickie really cost that much?????

    Don't you know any council boys who could do it for free/cheap?

  2. Dont know how many will go along but seeing as its the only local match until August 17th at home you may get a few more heading through.

    A fiver to get in is also attractive. Weather is meant to be warm and sunny which would be great if the terracing was open, which is no chance as we won't be anywhere close to filling the seated away Stand for a friendly.

    Look forward to not even noticing Jordan White playing, which is similar to his time at TFS.

  3. I'd be surprised if we see any more than 2 players in if it's true that the budget was cut even more this summer.

    I reckon Vaulks and Flynn will be the centre halves also.

    As far as I can tell, this is the squad currently;

    Michael McGovern

    Graham Bowman

    Kieran Duffie

    Stephen Kingsley

    Johnny Flynn

    Will Vaulks

    Ryan McGeever

    Liam Rowan

    Liam Dick

    Blair Alston

    Olu Durojaiye

    Jay Fulton

    Craig Sibbald

    Luke Leahy

    Connor McGrandles

    Thomas Grant

    Steven Brisbane

    Kris Faulds

    Lyle Taylor

    Lewis Small

    Botti Bia-Bi

  4. I thought we were going to be wearing the new top yesterday

    I wonder what happened to that?

    Is it going to be usual, buy a season ticket get a tenner off it?

    I was told on Friday that all of the new kit was coming at the same time, late May, including the teams kit so that's why it wasn't worn yesterday.

    No idea about discount vouchers, sorry.

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