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  1. Took the words from my keyboard. solid-ish CBs who are good in the air and make the odd error. Full backs who overlap. Wingers who try to beat their men and get a cross or shot in. CMs who tackle and get the ball wide. Sidibeh and Kimpioka/Clark up top. Finish anywhere between 5th-8th and have a proper go at a run in at least one cup.
  2. So .. Levein in or Levein out? I’m on the fence but, as I imagine many won’t make the case for him, would say he deserves a lot of credit for his first January transfer window. Sidibeh and Kimpioka’s goals kept us up. I suspect he stays on unless he himself has decided he can’t be arsed anymore.
  3. That’s a proper late-Davidson era style papering over the cracks moment. Can’t see us escaping the playoff, and don’t rate our chances in it, given the state of that second 45 minutes in our biggest game of the season.
  4. not Cammy MacPherson jogging around as a midfielder waltzes past him on the edge of the box and scores. Surely not
  5. Completely feeling the excitement others are feeling for this too. Basically a straight shootout for the playoff place under the McDiarmid lights as the sun sets. If they ever try to get rid of the split they’ll have to come through me first I hope our yank overlords are watching and thinking of ideas for how to make games like these — thanks to the split we end up with one at the end of most seasons, either for Europe or more recently at the bottom end — into proper occasions with fanzones etc. There’s so much excitement to sell.
  6. Mitov Keltjens Gordon Considine Gallacher Wright Phillips MacPherson Carey Crawford Kimpioka Might as well. Swap Gallacher for McGowan and move Considine to LB if he’s out.
  7. We’re getting pumped by Partick Thistle in the playoffs I reckon Crawford > the Smiths
  8. Obviously Rooney would be great, but I'd take Beneghan — the name below him on the released list — too
  9. To be fair, even if all the food trucks served was nachos and bud light I’d be right on board with these chaps if they spent money setting up a fanzone outside the main stand to turn on for the bigger games Imagine how great that could have been on the big euro nights.
  10. Funny sentence in this Daily Record write-up of our new owners. Think they might have forgotten there's another Dundee club. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/st-johnstone-takeover-agreed-american-32712833 Just along the road from Saints in Dundee, Mark Ogren's ownership of Dundee United has seen the Tangerines relegated to the Championship. They;ve finally bounced back up after winning the title under Jim Goodwin, although must wait and see if the Perth club avoid the relegation playoff spot before they can take them on in an all-American Tayside derby next season.
  11. All hail our new overlords. http://www.webbllc.com/partners_klase.php
  12. The Enckelman slander on there has pissed me right off.
  13. Mitov (and Sinclair) ... Robinson ... McGowan ... Wright ... Smith (just) ... Franczak ... Sprangler ... Carey ... Sidibeh ... Kimpioka I'd keep Phillips too but seems pointless to even suggest he might stay Sign some defenders who can actually play in a back 4, some non-gutless CMs and find a manager not scared of his own shadow — and we could have a core of players that could probably finish about 8th. Mitov New RB (new RB) ... New CB (McGowan) ... New CB (Robinson) ... New LB (Robinson) Sprangler (McGowan) New CM (Smith) ... New CM (New CM/Franczak) Wright (Carey) Carey (new winger) Sidibeh (Kimpioka/Clark) Sadly given what we're currently lumbered with and the difficulty of recruiting an entirely new defense, Levein or Kirk will struggle through with another season of a stinking back 5. The entire purpose of which seems to be to try and offer protection to CBs who aren't good enough for the top flight.
  14. Nice work to get some momentum going, @HibsFan @VincentGuerin and all. I've sent just a couple of pars to Saints making clear I think it should be scrapped, not tweaked, and saying they will lose my money if they continue to back VAR. Took about 10 mins max. I've long wondered about the viability of doing a proper, representative poll of Scottish top-flight season ticket holders. Having some data to point at would be very useful I think — I suspect most would say it isn't working, and maybe at this stage you could just about get, say, a narrow plurality who think it should be scrapped altogether (though I might be being pessimistic: maybe 80% want it scrapped! If that was the case finding out might force some hands ..) If you asked whether fans would consider binning their season tickets if VAR continued, that would be a good way of making the point about lost income to clubs ... especially as I imagine no one is giving up their season ticket if VAR got scrapped. The problem is, polls are expensive. A poll of season ticket holders would be especially expensive to organize since there representatively aren't that many in Scotland. But polling companies often do freebies for media outlets for the sake of the free publicity ... so if any pollsters are reading, a Scotland only, season ticket only poll would make you a national topic of conversation for weeks. I imagine those at the top of the game in Scotland reckon our opinions will roughly line up with those of the weirdo English premier league fans — YouGov found in October that only 16% of them would scrap it. I think they're wrong.
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