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  1. Madame Alta-Pete with Lovely Feet a bit allergic to Pledge and Marigolds ?
  2. Boab off at 2.19 tomorrow with Adam Scott. Both at 8 under.
  3. I remember the original ad from around 1969......Patrick Allen proclaiming in his sexiest tones, "Ford Capri, the car you've always promised yourself."
  4. May have been adulterated with Novichok. Do not drink. Perhaps give to neighbour's cat.
  5. Cut projected at -3. Scotland's favourite lefty better not f*ck this up. ETA...........Boab -6 after 6 holes.
  6. "C'mon then, human c*nto.....Ah'll gie ye a 30 yard stert and even wi' 3 legs, ah'll be feastin' oan yer innards in 10 seconds...."
  7. Get that mushroom supper munching deviant telt, Zen !
  8. Needing the wind to pick up tomorrow, Justin Thomas tearing the place up. 7 under after 12 holes. Can't be having anyone joining the Cam Young Club at The Scaddish Open.
  9. You bought a Crossland and now you're considering an MG ? Please don't take this as a personal slight but your choice / taste in horseless carriages is highly questionable.
  10. https://www.bunkered.co.uk/golf-news/robert-macintyre-pga-tour-scottish-open/ https://www.europeantour.com/dpworld-tour/genesis-scottish-open-2024/leaderboard?round=1
  11. Ingliston P&R. Put them on the tram for 1 stop.
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