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  1. Two poor teams although conditions difficult. Clyde better first half, Elgin second. Penalties looked the only way either would score.
  2. Pitch playable at the moment but rain forecast overnight.
  3. Costa Del Moray. More wet than anything. Heavy going though.
  4. Just signed a new 3 year contract a few weeks ago so would take big bucks for any team to tempt Elgin to let go of him. Still has the betting trial ongoing as well.
  5. I would take a defensive midfielder but think a wingback/winger would be our priority on both sides given that these positions are occupied mainly by loanees with Nicholson at least, likely to return to his parent club.
  6. It’s embarrassing and reading out Elgin City as having been drawn twice.
  7. Saw a gent who looked affa like Gary Naysmith going into Balmoor today
  8. Yeah great 3 points at a difficult venue for us. Cmon the City.
  9. Draper was definitely a dive and fully deserved booking. If Dingwall had scored it might have been a different game. It might have encouraged Dumbarton to be a bit more expansive and opened up the game a bit, however Dumbarton sat in, defended well and hit us on the break and eventually dominated the game. Elgin as with Forfar a couple of weeks ago, cannot break down a team who sit in and the only tactic seems to be a few passes then launch it to Mchardy to knock down to Hester. The other go too is launch it over the top for Hester but not an option against a deep lying defence. We had nothing out wide to get behind their defence. As I have stated before our main concern is avoiding the relegation play off. Good crowd, good atmosphere, que Elgin not turning up.
  10. Looking forward to it. Should be a decent crowd so type of game we generally don’t turn up for. Happy with a draw. Hoping for better.
  11. Had to go when we got into Scottish League as a grass bank behind the goals was no longer good enough!
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