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  1. I posted a while ago about people being pretty miserable on here but I've since reflected on the fact that only a small percentage (including me) are fortunate enough to get to the away games, which have seen some of the better results over the last few seasons.

    Theres nothing that unites a support and adds to a feelgood factor like a decent home record and although I've not bothered to check the stats I think they're pretty honking over the last three years. I reckon making Somerset a fortress again is the No 1 priority for SB next season.

  2. That penalty at the time confirmed my absolute belief that I'd never see us win at Inverness. I'd previously been let down by the ridiculous last minute penalty given to Terry Butcher's team (he agreed it wasn't a penalty) in 2010 in the 3-3 draw.

    But up pops our Honest lad Frazer. I didn't know why he was pointing to the sky until later last night. A decent gesture.

  3. Sitting on the train after partying hard till 3am on the back of seeing us beat Inverness away for the first time in my life, having missed the three previous occasions. 

    Whatever the future holds for Scott Brown I'll always remember his bold team selection and crucial three points secured this weekend. 

    Right, I'm away back to stupidly grin at miserable Hearts fans in this carriage... 

  4. Round Christmas time the German grounds sell mulled wine. Never really liked it before but absolutely hits the spot in sub zero temperatures. 

    The infrastructure of the country is far worse than it used to be though and the idea that the trains and public transport still run on time is a myth. Also been loads of strikes recently and will get worse as the economy tanks thanks to far east competition. 

    Still a lot to learn from the way they run football though. 

  5. Bullen looks utterly defeated in that interview. The constant chat about a lack of luck without a single reference to Arbroath's bad luck with injuries prior to and during the game, let alone the last minute penalty call (although I haven't seen it), was outrageous.

    I too can't see us getting out of this without a change to the backroom staff.

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