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  1. Talking to Coll in elliots tonight and he said 'I'm just glad the Kelty player was ok" and that he was sent off for 'serious foul play' so it's a 2 game ban that the club are not appealing but he did joke that he's going 'full John Terry' on the last game
  2. For burrell to score the amount of goals that he has in a poor side then I don't have a problem with his inclusion, it was never likely we would get a clean sweep. Ross and Rumarn are totally different players but it's not like Rumarn Burrell is totally shite.....
  3. When buying tickets yesterday it didn't give an option for terracing or seating, is it first come first served for seats or is the seating sold out?
  4. Aye what was the story with those boys today, seen them all getting out a mini bus outside cafe corvina after the game, some questionable attair on display
  5. Tickets not on sale til may
  6. Prime germany tickets available again. We got 2 germany and 3 Hungary tickets with 4 of us trying this morning which means we have 4 germany and 4 Hungary tickets all in now. Keep missing out on Swiss tickets
  7. Pretty sure the Elliott supporters poty award is going to the full team rather than an individual
  8. I got something about 'no personal advantages are on offer'
  9. Yeah not expecting anything to happen
  10. Just checked, says ticket portal will be available from 1500 cet, I'm currently in a queue lol
  11. I love watching Spencer play, so calm and measured on the ball, he controls the game. Very rarely gives the ball away, I know he doesn't get the headlines with goals or assists but he sets the tempo for our play and he's not scared to put a tackle in, maybe his only weakness is he ain't the fastest but what a football brain the guy has, my poty
  12. So you want the fans to contribute by whatever means possible to the running of the club(even if we cannot afford it) but won't accept help from the falkirk foundation....
  13. Why dont the ultras release a statement distancing themselves from the trouble/troublemakers. No one wants to see the end of the ultras just the same as no one wants to see innocent bystanders get caught up in any trouble. Cause trouble away from the game with like minded people and not one of us will care. Does it take something to happen involving all the ultras or the main leaders of the ultras to get a 'strike'
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