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  1. Didn’t realise he’d been freed and thought it was a loan. Not the greatest but a level or two above our options at right back for the last few seasons
  2. That took me back to the days of Jordan Hart. Cammy Kerr might be looking for a new home now unless he fancies the seaside league
  3. Fancy Hamilton to get a man sent off and Caley still not score more than one goal. Longstaff has done ok tracking back but should be kept off the ball going forward as stifles the attack
  4. There are a few bets a t play. Winner of today’s match and also winner of final over two legs.
  5. I’ve only taken them to win over ninety. Quite fancy outright also but their erratic finishing makes me wary. Should have been nearer 4/6 for the home win instead of 11/10. Bookies have priced all of the play offs evens or above which is a nice boost for some end of season wins
  6. These will shorten a lot tomorrow once people look for some games and realise this is on. Have put a decent wedge on ICT as these odds look very generous. Don't fully trust them but there is a large gap in quality of player and the pitch may also help
  7. He was steady enough against the poorer sides and got a significant amount of game time out on loan. Tough call holding Partick against him when some of their previous attacking players were a handful for most players
  8. He’s not that bad just not good enough for our level. Whilst I’d like to see the youth players be good enough to start, ending up in the league below suggests an ok job by the academy.
  9. I remember similar being said last season before McGeady signed who arguably came with a better back ground. It's good to read different opinions on our signings as the last few seasons have shown they don't all work out
  10. Thistle midfield isn't the most balanced and a hard shift for anyone playing there
  11. Tbf Imrie has been good at polishing a few turds and Morton have punched above their weight when everyone is fit. My one concern about signings coming from there is could they produce the same levels in a different system and manager.
  12. Aye he looked like he could keep up with Fitzpatrick in a race which gives him a good chance in the league above. Also looked quite useful defending so if not Hibs someone else up there will take a punt
  13. If others were about to be charged it would happen unexpectedly one day imo. As the police are attempting to manage the situation i would expect a no score draw.
  14. It might be all relative though. I'm assuming Livi will be one of the teams challenging so will reserve judgement until i see the calibre of player we end up getting
  15. Tbf there are a lot of teams in our league who don't seem to be fully firing. Not sure if it's a lack of o money thing and the inconsistency makes the league interesting. If it stays the same for next season then it won't take much to push us on. It's actually quite difficult to predict and who knows when some of the bigger teams might get their act together
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