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  1. Thanks, but bought the stream now. Have no problem paying but had a quick look at the Partick website earlier and saw no evidence it was being streamed. The ironic thing is that should we make the final it will be live on TV here but I will be heading over to watch it.
  2. Duh, thanks. I assumed that as BBC were covering it live that wouldn't be an option.
  3. Probably a generational thing. Heard it referred to as technofear. Sometimes use opera but iplayer seems to be able to pick i'm not local. Prob just follow on BBC like last nights game.
  4. Yup, I'm with you. Like they've tried too hard and ended up with a horrible mess.
  5. Been watching a few of these recently. (Research for a trip home early next year). They do have their uses. Anyhow what I've noticed is that most of these guys actually use points to pay for the flights, which makes the entitled attitude all the more galling.
  6. This thread makes my day on a regular basis but this pic in particular resonates. Nothing staged about it, just like a bunch of your mates ready to give it everything.
  7. Sorry, but this is just rubbish. Pretty obvious to me when you look at his reactions (including the save from the initial free kick before the Kane goal) that he could hardly see anything in front of him. Looking directly into the sun.
  8. I totally agree, you get the impression he's just trying too hard to make it work. Love to see him doing well.
  9. Really uncalled for, the guy is obviously committed to the cause. But quite funny all the same.
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