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  1. Ayr, I can see Brechin getting back there. The likes of Cowdenbeath, Albion Rovers and East Stirlingshire seem like lost causes
  2. Don't think any team that's been relegated have even been close to getting back to the league. Would like to see one of the WOSFL teams get there but it's never going to happen. Lowland and highland league is where they've all came up from iirc
  3. Thought they were maybe turning things around after a good win at the weekend. Would be sad to see Clyde go, remember my Dad telling me they were decent back in the day, anytime we drove by Shawfield greyhound track and the old stadium wall was still there. The play off game may save them though, but aye they're finishing bottom
  4. Cadden was the only "regular" who's coming back from long term injury. The boy Whittaker has played a few times this season, and the lad Rudi something I can't spell
  5. Yip disappointing performance. Expected better from our lads as Hibs just had a bunch of kids plus Cadden and the dreadlocked boy that was on loan at Airdrie. Franny looked quite peeved off at times when Brown was shouting at him. He took the goal well though
  6. Wonder what kind of team we'll put out v Hibs reserves tomorrow. Bet365 offering a cracking price for us to win. Surely worth a punt considering we've played quite a few first teamers in reserve games this season, and from what I've seen Hibs have predominantly been playing kids
  7. Boo, I liked the tables they had! Always tried to bag a seat at the Stevo or Shankland one when I was in
  8. That's right, forgot he played in that game. I was just focusing on one of my heros that day...Jamie Adams whilst trying to avoid collapsing due to the heat. Great day
  9. Aye, embarrassing behaviour. Wee neds is all they are. Spitting is disgusting and if I had spat on I'd have went tonto on the p***k, regardless of his age. Same with they Dundee Utd bams that knocked the Pandas head off earlier in the season. Just no need for it at all. If away fans want to fight with Ayr fans who are equally up for a scrap then fair enough, but assaulting club staff is beyond the pale
  10. At first glance I thought that was Gerry McLauchlan and Jonjo Shelvey modeling them
  11. The weekend games have given me hope for a win. We played well at Ibrox and "only" conceded 2 goals. Airdrie looked rotten yesterday after a bright start. 1-2 I'm going for
  12. Twente at Stair Park would be great. Went to the friendly game a few years back and it was one of the best days out I've had as a neutral. Cracking day weather wise, a buzz about the town and plenty of Twente fans in a party atmosphere. Good game as well from what I remember and a few players who'd played at/are playing at a great level. Jensen from Aberdeen was playing that day
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