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  1. What's the script with qualification? Group winners and how many best runners up?
  2. Glad to be back to signing players we've heard of from the Scottish game rather than scrambling around the dog and duck league. Walker and Rus bucked that trend but let's be honest the likes of Oldham and Coventry are like Bayern Munich compared to some of the dross teams we signed from previously
  3. No idea. Would not be surprised if he's on the pitch doing the HT draw. Smith and Mathie will be falling over themselves that day acting as if it's Brad Pitt we've got in the building. The A list of celebrities
  4. Could be like one of the games at home last season V Airdrie. Police horses, riot vans, coppers etc after "trouble" at the away game, then absolutely bugger all happens. Rather than waste club money, I think a police car or van sitting outside at that corner for 10 mins after a game would deter any VLs from fighting...at least on the stadium footprint
  5. Saw I'd missed 2 pages of unread posts since I was on earlier. Expected a signing news or something and got pish post after pish post
  6. Yip, I saw a guy I used to work with at the game and he was asking about tickets and I told him he'd only get them online. Pretty poor show that people probably didn't bother getting tickets late on because the club announced they'd stop selling them "in person" at 6. If they decided otherwise it should have been put out on social media
  7. We certainly held on in the second half, Falkirk were unlucky not to get a draw to take it to pens, but we'll take it. The VL's really need to find something better to do after games than fight and chuck a food waste caddy around. Moronic behaviour
  8. Aye £20 I lost on Sunday through Spain winning and Kane not having a SOT. Glorious though
  9. Double your money for us to be winner of the tie tonight. Bookies have Falkirk faves, just as they had celtic and killie faves too. Surely worth a quid of two to be optimistic
  10. Me too. I'd actually doubt that 22 shots on target stat. They never had one in the first knockout game until that overhead kick in the 92nd min or whatever it was. Can only recall one or 2 v Switzerland. 22 shots perhaps but definitely not shots on target
  11. So many users still here, probably the best thread on here this year along with the Stranraer v EK one
  12. Fcking wild that Kane was joint top goalscorer considering he was super boosted 3 times and failed to have a shot on target in any of them. p***k has cost me £30
  13. A bit random but watched ITV on the plus, what was the outro song called?
  14. BBC always do great outros for these tournaments. Great song choice there
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