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  1. Michael Oliver played over 30 games for the Colts last season.If he can keep fit he will be a superb signing as there is little doubt he was heading for big things prior to his injury.Presumably this signals the end of McQueens days with Clyde?
  2. Mikey McGowan capped at under 21 by Northern Ireland.
  3. What about Albert Murphy our right back in the 58 cup final? Capped by Eire against Yugoslavia.
  4. JS agree that the penalty given away by Gibson was bizarre. However I do not agree with you about the second incident. If you look at the highlights MArko decides to leave the ball at the last minute giving Gibson no time to react.At the level we are playing at Gibson is better than most goalies we will come up against .
  5. Absolutely no doubt Gemmell is signing-just enjoying some banter with the fans.Especially pleasing that 5 new signings are on 2 year deals.
  6. Maybe the black,white and red is hinting at something.
  7. Gemmell squad number 16 next season.Possible hint on Twitter.
  8. Would have been happy if Kirkpatrick had stayed but shedding no tears for McLaughlin. I really want to hear that Smith and LInton are staying. Slightly worried about the silence.
  9. I feel confident about next season. However this is based on the rumoured new signings actually coming in and Linton,Smith,Marsh and Higgins staying.The likes of Gormley,Bolo,Brisbane, Andrews and Gemmell need never grace Broadwood again. A final word about Brisbane,this boy has skill and pace but unfortunately has absolutely no heart.When I saw him in the pre season friendly at East Kilbride I thought we had gotten ourselves a future star but he just does not have the guts for it.I actually felt sorry for him today and BF should have realised how lost he was and substituted him earlier.
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