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  1. Oh well,there was hope for a few minutes.It will be interesting to see who comes in over the summer.I think we have 9 signed players so plenty to come. On another note,do we have a new strip and sponsor?
  2. Would love it to be Scott Linton.Would still be with Clyde but for an insulting offer by Chapman.Wouldn't waste a pennny on Easton.
  3. On a more serious note I see the Mail on Sunday is keeping up the attack on Norrie Innes.They are now calling on sponsors and fans to 'make the right decision'.Well I agree,I shall no longer be buying the Mail/Mail on Sunday.
  4. The article on the BBC website comes reads well.
  5. Savaged by the two journalists who did not appear to take cognisance of what he was saying.They talk of the myriad of witnesses who heard Ally Love abuse Omar.They do not seem to recognise that these were all Annan players.No collaboration from any of the match officials.Also Norrie Innes clearly stated love was punished by the Club for his violent behaviour throughout the match.And lastly,if things were so clear cut why did it take an. Independent panel 3 days to reach a decision. As for David Goodwillie,enough has been said.He has admitted he made mistakes and I for one would like to see higher on with his life.
  6. Hourly is on loan from Dundee. Flynn a certainty to be with us next year. Not sure why Breslin was on bench today as he will be away with Wright,Smart,Kipre and I have a sneaky feeling Currie might be away too. According to today's programme a number of offers have been made to out of contract players with others clubs.
  7. McGachie plays for my local junior team.I remember when he was with Arran and I wanted him with us at Clyde.Unfortunately when we did get him he was poor.With Bonnyrigg he has been nothing to write home about.Maybe the full Scottish breakfast at Dobbie's is not doing him any good.
  8. I would be surprised if the new managerial team is not already in place and look forward to an announcement this week. If we get rid of the dead wood there is the basis of a decent team for next season if we can hold onto Goodwillie until December at least and Easton(certainty). I liked the look of the young Dundee goalkeeper but would be surprised if we do not hold onto Quinn. Surprised about the number of people who think Fergie should be released.I feel after a summers rest and a good pre season he might still have a lot to offer. Anyway to all Clyde fans,enjoy the break.
  9. EP I am not sure where you are coming from here.I think the appointment of Norrie Innes is first class.Where have I said otherwise?
  10. FS you are fighting a losing battle.If your post doesn't contain a criticism of the current Board then Mr Penguin will hit you with a load of verbal diarrhoea which will always include you must be friends with them and privy to their innermost faults. It must be obvious to everyone why Norrie Innes has been brought on to the Board.If he ruffles a few feathers in moving things forward so be it. Penguin's posts put me in mind of someone who has discovered there are lots of big words in a dictionary.When he learns how to use them his posts might start to make some sense.
  11. Just about all of the current squad.Read their interviews in the match programme or on the Clyde site.Or even more recently Linton's interview in the Herald.
  12. Interviewed on Sportsound tonight.Why should getting access to training facilities mean selling our soul?
  13. Interesting listening to to what is happening at Paartick Thistle.They are not being gifted a training complex but entering into a commercial agreement.Albeit if it wasn't for the Weirs they would be getting nothing.But Ian Maxwell's comment that the complex does not have to be in the Maryhill area and that they would welcome a partnership agreement with another Club got me thinking.Could there be an opportunity for us here?
  14. I would like to see Linton give us another.What about the interim management team remaining as players? Easton should give us a year out of loyalty if nothing else.I suspect Gormley might be offered terms and who knows Goodwillie might not have any other options.
  15. Bad luck on Lowdon.He has had a setback and is out for the season now.Linton also probably played his last game for Clyde.With only an interim management team in place I wonder who will be making the decision on who goes and who should before red terms for next season.Would be interested to get some word on Eastn.
  16. Livi Clyde I think we may be referring to me.Of course I cannot name every Clyde fan.But I can recognise most that go to Broadwood. on a completely separate note the new Chairman comes over very well in his interview on the home site.I was impressed re his comments on Goodwillie.
  17. Watched the Beeb last night and must admit when Mr Lennox came on he didn't register with me.There are so few of us it is easy to recognise a face and even put a name to them.
  18. Excellent appointment.Interesting that he has been involved in relocation plans.Happy Cfcuk?
  19. I think you are wrong Cfcuk.No doubt crowds would drop in the Lowland League but not to the level envisaged by you.For whatever the reason there are still many of us who will still follow and I suspect that you might even make the odd appearance. it is In the blood.
  20. I thought you had given up? Actually I am glad you haven't.
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