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  1. Pleslie999 and arabjoe draw by repetition. i got out of jail big time there. Fell behind early, got myself back into it and thought i had a winning position. Nearly resigned as my opponent had what I thought was mate in 3 but thankfully he missed it and we played out a draw (or it wasn’t there in the 1st place, but I couldn’t see a way out)
  2. Pleslie999 and stewartmathers draw both ran out of material resulting in a draw in a back and forth match that I thought I was winning then was lost then salvaged a draw thanks to my wee pawn that made it across
  3. Pleslie999 loses to redvtop by resignation i thought I was doing well and in a good position then it all fell away. Well played.
  4. Pleslie99 beats kendeans by checkmate cheers for the game,
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