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  1. Good video but still not quite Shanks video, anytime that song from his video comes on the radio it's the first thing that pops into my head. Would be some send off if his testimonial was against Hearts, Shanks and Forrest lining up against him at Somerset, would be some sight.
  2. Hasn't been seen once in the media since Partick game 3 weeks ago is beginning to raise questions IMO, it's only been Mathie in the AP
  3. That's going to help get the next generation of supporters through the turnstiles, not....
  4. Signed an 18 month with Accies back in January but suspected there would be a relegation clause in it
  5. Pretty sure it's some rainwater holder to then be used for sprinkling the pitch
  6. It would be nice if we got the whole of the North Terracing (North Stand will probably be the name going forward) and just gave away fans behind the goal and the corner of the main stand. Not sure if that would happen but it would certainly help with the losing the toss nonsense not having quite a bad effect. If it stays similar to now i'd be surprised if the fence will remain as it'll look pretty ugly on a shiny new stand, most grounds now have those big covers that effectively segregate home/away like Tynecastle below as an example. Benefit of doing that i suppose means it could be removed to give us all of North Terracing if it's a smaller away crowd. Then if you're getting likes of an Arbroath with about 50 fans you could just shove them in the main stand corner and Ayr fans would be able to roam from SRE right round North Terracing to Railway End if suitable.
  7. There will certainly be stuff going on behind the scenes but it's just a case of time as always and all the correct pieces needing to fall into place etc for anything to happen. Re Grass... There's a development going on at my work which has involved the laying of new turf and there's sprinklers and hoses out on it just now, plus i'm pretty sure sports clubs get exemptions from hose pipe pans considering you never see any English clubs pitches suddenly going brown during summer.
  8. Think the new pitch is more because the work which was done last summer made the drainage poorer, at the Partick game at Somerset just to the right of the centre circle to the Railway end side of the halfway line looking at it from the North Terracing, water was actually coming up from the pitch when the ball bounced as if it was almost waterlogged.
  9. The paton one seems to have gone quiet so can't see it happening IMO
  10. Yeah i think we should be going for him, almost put that on here the other day, hasn't really blown the water any season in terms of goals but he always seem to consistently get between 5-10 goals per season.
  11. These weren't posted by the club, the pictures are from the companies Facebook page that are doing the work.
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