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  1. Serious shout to change this when we get to pick ends at kickoff?
  2. He should’ve stuck to whatever workplace you are referring, absolutely atrocious DoF, and not a good manager either to boot. The whole ‘I’ve had a Scotland cap so I know better than everyone else’ was proper cringe, we’re all entitled to opinions but I respectfully disagree that he’s not a bad guy: he perhaps might not intend to be an arse - but he ultimately is an arse
  3. Sorry got to disagree. Holt seemed like a complete c**t of a guy, was universally disliked on his second stint as far as I could see (BoD excluded, naturally - they were very clearly totally enamoured with the shite coming out his mouth) Was it not him who said ‘teams raise their game against us’ as an excuse for being completely pish, powderpuff push overs? In any case, singing Luke Holt and then trying to defend it is bad enough.
  4. Ditto. He’s a cretin. Worse than Hartley, let that sink in….WORSE than the rat
  5. Ballot the membership, but I’d hazard a guess that given the option our support would largely support additional funds targeting increased investment in academy rebuild. I’ve not met many fans who don’t lament the loss of this once proud facet of the club. If we keep increasing membership many investment opportunities could be possible.
  6. Scenes at survival Saturday (or Sunday cannae be arsed checking) over a trip to meadowbank? Aye! No brainer
  7. Can I have what you are smoking? Nae chance of an invincible season FFS. fishing?
  8. Miller looks very decent, better than Kennedy last season is my prediction. Lang and Spencer doing the basic stuff really well yesterday made the difference imo. much better with McGinn off the pitch, he looked sluggish in that first half. Hendo done better.
  9. Loved the gold ones but they didn’t wash well and ended up not gold (maybe my fault) but when new they were very nice. And our navy and gold was out years ahead of the France navy and gold effort from the WC which was a cracker too.
  10. 100% should have been siege mentality - if they done that to us in 20 mins we can do to them. Get right in their faces and win your individual battles. But man to man we shat it and as you said they clearly didn’t believe. Thats McGlynns belief to instil in them, he didn’t but need to move on. Would be hard to have worse GK the coming season at least.
  11. And yet we may become that Falkirk again…..but you’ll never be the original real airdrie
  12. Can’t score and can’t defend. Sorry McGlynn you pick the tactics and the signings and you clearly can’t get them to fit together. Bye.
  13. We’re playing in championship playoffs……those are league 1
  14. It’s boring and tedious tbh - but suppose are here for people to share their views. It’s all got a bit childish so I skip over it now tbh.
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