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  1. Wouldn’t agree with that. Not saw today’s game but St Mirren played better than us last week, it happens. Nothing to do with attitude.
  2. FFS raining in Dundee again what’s happened to our fine city in the last few months. Was always Scotland’s sunniest city as well.
  3. The rains torrential in Dundee again.
  4. Very poor stuff that Brechin haven’t taken Buckie’s place. Farcical again, Scottish football eh.
  5. Dont want to speak ill of the dead but that was down to that Eddie Thompson when he was on the league’s board. Talk of sporting integrity…
  6. Yes. The restrictions are North of Dens Road up to Clepington Road. Fairmuir Park and Graham Street are other areas. Both probably half a mile from Dens and close to the Kingsway dual carriageway.
  7. Car or bus? If car anywhere around Dens Road to Alexander Street area.
  8. Looked a bad one. Has the club said anything?
  9. Would rather see Mulligan in before Robertson.
  10. It’s as much to do with spreading the wage bill around the different areas of the pitch as much as anything else. If we sign McCracken then we don’t really need a 3rd relatively experienced keeper unless we can get him out on loan again to cover a fair bit of his wage. Then there’s a couple of decent sounding keepers coming through from the young age groups. The 16 year old keeper who’s been away on trial to a few English clubs obviously has a lot about him and you’d like to think if he signs full time with us he’ll been knocking on the door of the 1st team squad in the next year or 2. Could definitely see an improvement in Sharp after his loan spell especially his kicking.
  11. Bakayoko’s work rates never bothered me. His hold up play could improve though. Lots of bad touches when you’re looking for him to hold it up. Another that’s improving and learning the game up here. Starting to rough up the defenders during games which is nice to see.
  12. Mellon looks a player. I’d 100% keep him next season.
  13. Lamie plays for me. Would play him week in week out. Him and Portales played well together. If Donnelly was to play it’s in place of Dodgson. Donnelly’s use of the ball lets him down. Not sure he’s any quicker than Lamie tbh. Would be daft to change the starting 11 after a really good performance. Bring on Main and Mellon or Mulligan for the last half hour if all is going to plan.
  14. Who’s this bell end piping up about 1 trophy in 30 years
  15. It’s like we’re saying, what’s worse for our game a few postponements or sectarian bile. Time to bring this sh!te to a head. Fine the bigots when they step out of line.
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