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  1. It's all academic now as he left. But what I mean is that he was a real prospect for us in defence. Ricky, TOB and Hammy are all over 30 and as we've seen this year their impeccable form every week wasn't going to last. In my view Henderson was at least as good a defensive midfielder as Chris Hamilton - probably better as he can actually pass the ball - and he was OUR player. Wee Chris was always going to be off somewhere. Henderson should also have had some games at left back. But I know suggesting Hammy is ever dropped will get me pilloried on here. In my view the boy has talent and we should have been thinking of the future. That is not Dick's style, I know.
  2. But maybe a regular starting place in the Championship not on the left wing would have given him a springboard for a better move.
  3. James Craigen's Edinburgh or Liam Henderson's Falkirk? I'm not so sure.
  4. I think a punt is acceptable after our recent strengthening. He seems like a nice cheerful lad.
  5. Oakley on loan at QP. https://queensparkfc.co.uk/queens-park-strengthen-with-oakley/
  6. I’m amazed QP let him go. Are they serious about promotion?
  7. Just as well really. No way was he coming back to us and it'd be sad to see him sitting out the rest of this season. I've still not forgiven him, though.
  8. I’m very disappointed to hear Oakley is coming back to a team in our league. I know QP are at the other end of the table but I can’t see how he’ll develop much better there - unless Birmingham don’t rate our coaching? I’d have expected him to take a step up, E.g. to a top English league 1 team. Maybe living in Glasgow is more attractive
  9. In his post match interview Dick said “7 in and 7 out”. I count 6 in. Did I miss one or is this Dick’s usual grasp of numbers?
  10. Which probably means Gaston isn't fit enough to play.
  11. I’ve read what the club say but really? BBC highlights? I don’t get it. Very disappointed there’s no international stream.
  12. Good view here. Doesn’t look like a penalty. Oh well.
  13. I’ve seen worse highlights packages. A very soft penalty.
  14. I don’t disagree but what I mean is we can sign great right backs. We had 4 great seasons from JT.
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