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  1. And look how that turned out. I was at the infamous Albion Rovers cup tie that we lost in injury time that cost us a tie with Celtic. Great player but a disastrous interim manager. Leave Dan where he is.
  2. Behave. Smashing guy but I see no qualifications for him to be our first team manager.
  3. No the lone striker is too far forward on that graphic.
  4. You could just do a video compilation that you could run after every defeat until the end of the season as it’s the same script every week after the same dross on the pitch.
  5. Well we won’t have to bother about that. The chance of us going in a run with these tactics is remote!
  6. Still been 5 years in Division 1 though. That’s poor for a big club…
  7. Please god no. Get rid of him first. Failed at Raith. Failed under two managers. Presumably involved in recruiting some of the worst defenders I’ve ever seen. What does he actually do? If we had a decent assistant it may have helped Marv.
  8. Agree with that. When I saw the team with 6 defenders and one up front my heart sank. No width, aimless punt to a wee guy guarded by 4 big defenders, too slight midfield with Ferguson an empty shirt. Terrible defending. Not improving at all even with players back. I’ve had enough I will find something better to do next Saturday as my season ticket is paid so no guilt. I will go to the Annan relegation crunch game though.
  9. And why didn’t we start with 2 up front and Umbongo? Also can’t defend like that and expect anything out of a game. Bartley should go tonight
  10. Embarrassing. Need to change manager now. It can’t go on or we will be relegated
  11. Well that’s us heading for the playoffs. The relegation playoffs. Gutless, inept, no midfield, can’t defend, no attacking guile. Men against boys.
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