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  1. Since 2018-19, it is surely realised that winning this cup has lost a lot of its prestige. Not sure why West of Scotland still cling on to the auspices of the Juniors set-up.
  2. £8 is outstanding for LL matches and should be congratulated. I assume most are £10? Majority of EoS Premier league matches are £8 (£4 or £5 for concessions). However, at Sauchie a couple of weeks ago it was £10 entry fee. I know it’s only £2 more, but not sure 25% hike is right for this league? In fairness, Jeanfield, Kinnoull + Luncarty charge £7. Think a few 1st div teams also charge £8. Best value is Preston Ath who, this season, charge £7, but for £10 package, you also get a drink and pie included.
  3. As far as Haddington faired, I’d say the two best teams we faced this season were Sauchie and Jeanfield. Our 3-2 loss at Millfield against Sauchie on 7 October 23, was the best performance I saw all season, by an opposition. Couldn’t believe at time that they’d lost 3 out of first 4 league matches. We then went on to beat Sauchie at their ground, at end of April. Jeanfield never gave us a chance when we played away in Nov 23, winning 3-0. Our two matches against Broxburn were both closely contested. We lost 1-0 at home (Oct 23) then drew 0-0 at Broxburn in December. In saying that, kudos to Broxburn losing only 2 league matches all season, so deserved to win the league. You also had the exact same W/D/L stats come season end, as Linlithgow did last season. All best in the upcoming play-offs and I hope you get the promotion to the Lowland league.
  4. Would love to see Nitten get the 3rd promotion spot, but it's a tall order! First of all, they must win all 3 remaining matches, ironically against the current top 3. Two home matches against Dunipace, then St Andrews, followed by away v Whitburn. Even then, if Whitburn win their other 2 matches, they would remain in 3rd place at end of season. If Whitburn only win 1, then Camelon could go up if they win their 2 remaining fixtures. If they do, Cameron and Nitten would both finish on 55 pts, but already with a better goal difference (gd)of 7, you'd think Camelon would be third, on basis by gd. Great for the neutral - terrible if you support either Whitburn, Camelon or Newtongrange. Max of 9 days to wait!
  5. Genuine question based on your post. If you are content to stay in the LL, which another couple on this page want the same, what would have been your thoughts about staying in the EoS Premier League? Don’t think there is much difference, collectively, with the teams from both leagues. With exception of Linlithgow, home crowds can’t be that much better, overall, in the LL than EoS. Perhaps because Bo’ness have been in LL for 4 years, you don’t see yourself/Boness with any connection to your EoS era?>
  6. Purely for selfish reasons (travelling distance), it would be good for Luncarty to go down. However, out of the 3 grounds, for me, Luncarty is the best. In addition, they have impressed me most, out of the three of them, with their performances against Haddington. Does home advantage give give Luncarty over Glenrothes and The Swifts (both away)? Luncarty have got 18 pts at home, from 6 wins. Glenrothes have 10 pts away (2 wins/4 draws) and The Swifts also have 10 pts away (3 wins/1 draw). So, that would point to an advantage to Luncarty, but on the final match day, who can tell?!
  7. Surprised no one noticed, given subs came on,within 18 mins of each other AND normally it is the linesman who takes control of this procedure - so many eyes and minds must have been closed during that period.
  8. Play(ers) improved - not sure about the pitch! I’m of same thought as you regarding match being replayed.
  9. Are you starring at the Comedy Club again at this year's Edinburgh Festival Bobby obviously has a dry wit / sense of humour which I appreciated. Had to read the previous post a couple of times as I've never heard a club using 6 subs before. Keep the posts coming Spyro. Always a good read
  10. FFS - dry your eyes. Clydebank seemed to be well in position to win the league, but fell away,latterly ( happy for you to correct me if I am wrong. Only right that licensed teams who win their respective Regional top leagues should be promoted. As that is not in the current rules, play-offs for winning licensed teams will have to do. For a scenario that a region can/wants to pick a licensed team, who could have finished 3rd, 5th or 8th to be included in the play-offs is, as you put it - bonkers!
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