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  1. No doubt seeing grumswall sticking his tongue up your arse!
  2. You absolute w****r for all your bullshit you have the nerve.
  3. I see your back to Raith Against the machine you must be proud!
  4. 2k down on last Sunday not to mention a few folk on here who couldn't be arsed today.
  5. I hope so expect to get beat but don't want to be humiliated. Rangers will definitely get a penalty tho!
  6. Probably saving themselves for Ibrox next week wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of players back for the cup game.
  7. You'll have plenty time for this pish in league 1 Lad,!
  8. Pretty easy to upgrade a tiny main stand and leave the majority of spectators to stand on old terracing.
  9. Maybe if more fans turn up instead of moaning about resources we might get somewhere. Let's see how many tickets we sell for the Motherwell game.
  10. Managers panic buy when clueless arsehole fans pressure them!
  11. Probably the reason the club doesn't make everything public some folk get some bizarre ideas.
  12. If we've paid up big John's contract and there's no money left to bring in anybody else then why not just keep him?
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