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  1. Easily beaten today at Shotts Not really much more to add
  2. Probably safe too say most grass parks will also be off this week given the weather so far and the weather to come which is rain and more rain tho sunny Saturday
  3. We never turned up today m8 but that said cambuslang well worthy of the draw
  4. St Rochs v Cambuslang 619 Fantastic turnout for the candy today as they marked their first game of their centenary year
  5. Paul Doneghy Carluke rovers to St Rochs
  6. Relived / happy Looked relegation stick on"s at one point but Paul Kelly has came in and given us a fighting chance of staying in the championship this season and we are still in the Scottish and the west .
  7. Enjoyed today thought we won the match comfortably but that aside great wee bleather with the old boy who opened up the ground as the supporters bus arrived a bit early and a shout out for the steak pies absolutely beautiful . Good luck for the rest of the season [emoji106]
  8. Thanks m8 Arthurlie Facebook page says still waiting to find out if game on and will let us know so I suspect there must be a pitch inspection
  9. You scrapped by St Rochs 2-1 the last time we met and only a last minute wonder save from your keeper stopped us taking you to penalties [emoji85]
  10. A trip to Dundee for the Candy Don't know anything about Broughty other than they are second in their division and disposed of Cambuslang in the last round. No doubt it will be a very tough match but you have got to be in it to win it so see how we fare on the day . MTC [emoji172][emoji460]
  11. Sorry I couldn't make it today due to work commitments as I was looking forward to a catch up with you lads. Well done on a very good result and performance today I heard the candy were not at the races but while I hate getting beat the teams around us also lost so as we were and better teams than us will get taken apart by Darvel . Good luck for the rest of the season guys [emoji106]
  12. For us who need to book buses or potentially put in holidays from work it's better if we are given the draw as soon as possible but let's wait for replays to be played or given the recent weather not being played .
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