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  1. You don't even go to home games hahah Too busy playing fortnite in yo momma's basement
  2. I see the Green & Grey racists are fighting each other in Germany You there? Rhetorical question obviously.
  3. https://tinyurl.com/yaf94t8g hahahahah Some juicy rage from Danny bhoy here...
  4. When did I criticise his views on Scottish independence? He is a wannabe politician as he was turned down as a candidate. It was that which I was laughing at. If anything you're the one being cliched here.
  5. I don't but he's obviously not actually a very good pundit. Far more interested in talking about the usual controversies and sideshows that Scottish pundits love talking about rather than actually analysing football.
  6. English is a rubbish pundit that knows sweet nothing about football but watching him get Stewart into a massively seethin' mess was banterous. The wannabe politician could barely get the words he was so shaking with rage
  7. Since Jack signed a pre-contract surely McInnes knew he was leaving a while before the window opened? That's why you got Tansey on a pre-contract no?
  8. Outstanding video from UEFA here. They definitely know the score that's for sure. One to enrage the hapless sevcoers no doubt:
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