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  1. Not sure if it's been mentioned but Comrie in crutches apparently which explains why they've went for a fullback. Get this season firmly in the bin.
  2. He also said that some fans told him it's the best football they've ever seen at East End and that if he was there from the start of the season we'd have finished 5th so a MASSIVE pinch of salt required. An absolute slaver of a man.
  3. 160k some of our fans will believe anything they hear
  4. And Otoo if Bene/Breen/MFW can get themselves fit soon
  5. I doubt this will be our only domestic loan before the end of the month. Let's be honest, our striking options just now are not championship standard maybe with he exception of Jakubiak (too early to judge Holmes).
  6. Apparently Wighton's injury is long term, one baldy for another
  7. The club went on record at the last supporters meeting saying that Wotherspoon was offered a deal that would have made him the highest paid player at the club.
  8. Did you just quote a post from 2019? What a sad little life Jane.
  9. Don't get this argument. It's the same management and staff from last season so why didn't we see so many injuries then? Absolutely not defending that today, a complete and utter disgrace but I just don't buy that someone is at fault for the injuries.
  10. QP have listed trialist #9 as "Fletcher", how long has Cardle been training at the club now?
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