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  1. 1 minute ago, O'Kelly Isley III said:

    On this type of issue political affiliations carry less weight than religious ones, and as Scotland in 2023 is for the most part much less in thrall to muscular and doctrinaire theology I think you may indeed well be wrong.

    As I say, you may well be correct.

    Lets see.

  2. 4 minutes ago, Leith Green said:

    Lets ignore the voting one, as its only in Scotland.

    As of today, a pair of English 16 year olds can "run away" to Gretna and get married.

    Do you think this law should be changed by the UK Govt?


  3. At least it’ll open the debate up to the general Scottish public most of whom didn’t really appreciate what was being done in their name.

    The whole thing will now be opened up for scrutiny in the media and, I may well be wrong, but I just feel that the Scottish public, whatever their political affiliations are socially  conservative. 
    I welcome this intervention.

  4. 8 minutes ago, Newbornbairn said:

    I'm glad we open the stand for away fans, no matter how few. They're paying customers too and it's disgraceful the way teams like Morten and Celtic treat fans like shite and stick them in the corners or behind pillars. I'm never going back to Celtic Park and I'll only go to Morten if it's good weather and the WDE is open.

    Treat other supporters the way we want to be treated ourselves, not descend to the level of others. 

    Any time I’ve been at Cappielow they give you the choice of behind the goals or the stand.

    Always seemed fine to me?

  5. 27 minutes ago, welshbairn said:

    Why not? It's gone fine In Ireland since they introduced it in 2015, it had cross party support at Westminster until the Tory party went insane with culture wars last year. I'd have thought that as a right wing libertarian you'd be the last person to object to the State staying out of people's private business. 

    Only thing is, the state needs to get involved in issuing the certificates.

    Agree about the state staying out of peoples private business.

    Just let them get on with it.

  6. 48 minutes ago, fatshaft said:

    what is? I know a number in my now ex-branch who are giving it one last go after the GRR bill, but if there's no change they are switching 

    Question to all the SNP/NS fan boys on here.

    Do you actually agree with this GRR stuff or are you just being loyal?

  7. 1 hour ago, Bigbrbairn said:

    Free live FFCTV for over 65's season ticket holders when weather is freezing   Refreshments being delivered would also be handy  Come on board you know it makes sense!

    Would be great for me whilst at home.

    Fortunately, was abroad yesterday.

    In fact, I wouldn’t object to paying over and above my ST just to watch in warm conditions.

  8. 19 minutes ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

    George Monbiot wrote a fine piece in The Guardian last summer that pointed out some key and very worrying points. Freeport objectives were set out by an advisory panel chaired by ... Truss and Sunak. The panel included five industry lobbyists, a venture capitalist, and two members of dark money think tanks. There was no Trades Union, political rights, environmental or public rights representation. 

    The private companies (who they?) will be able to claim customs "privileges" and of course the Tories favourite - tax cuts. Business rate relief will deprive central government of income and employer's NI relief which will lead to another great Tory wish - a two-time workforce of cheap and even cheaper. 

    So when the media trumpet the tremendous opportunities they'll bring and the 30 000, 50 000, or 70 000 jobs depending on which source you choose, it's interesting but not surprising, that they rarely if ever point out the dangers.

    George Monbiot- fine piece- The Guardian

    Says it all, really.

  9. 37 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:

    Wow.  The single most unintentionally ironic post in the history of P&B.

    Why is that?

    He was correct about all the nonsense that was spouted about Covid.

    If we had had no lockdowns we would have been in a much better financial position with the same number of deaths.

    It was like trying to hold back the tide.

    Never a good idea.

  10. 2 hours ago, FFCinthearea said:

    Sadly that's what happens when you have nutters like Patrick Harvie propping up your majority.

    It’s complete madness.

    What they’re saying is that as we reduce our oil and gas production we increase imports at the expense of Scottish jobs.

    Yes, increase green energy but it will be decades before we can exist without fossil fuels.

    This is beyond belief!!

  11. 47 minutes ago, Boo Khaki said:

    Just watching Politics Live on BBC2. Four panelists, one of whom is Kirten Oswald. As per every single time there is an SNP politician on, every other panelist is left to speak at length without interuption, yet every time Oswald starts to speak the host buts in within seconds and sets about challenging her. Its a westminster law they are discussing, yet its only the SNP MP who is repeatedly being asked to defend her contribution.  

    God, she gets larger every time  she’s on.

    Hope health isn’t her responsibility.

  12. 1 hour ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

    Rod Liddle is a media whore of Neil Oliver proportions.

    I think he’s great along with Neil Oliver,  Fraser Nelson, Andrew Neil and lots more.

    All a matter of opinion.

  13. 2 hours ago, Theroadlesstravelled said:

    Labour's Sir Keir Starmer proposes a "partnership model" which see the state working with private businesses to address the ongoing crisis in the NHS. He adds that reforming the public service will also bring about "improvement".

    The red Tory gimp won’t fix the NHS either.

    Idea worth considering.

  14. 11 minutes ago, BFTD said:

    You're all arguing with an account that purports to believe that people struggling to afford heat and food should pay for their own ear/nose/throat and dental care because personal responsibility, while bemoaning that people with tens of thousands of pounds in savings have to use some of it for private joint surgery if they aren't prepared to wait in the NHS queues like everybody else.

    Probably a fair summary.

  15. 40 minutes ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

    You do realise that these DIY kits are next to fucking useless?

    And for those who fo have ear-related health issues it's the only safe way to clean out the ear.

    No need for DIY kits.

    You can get it done privately for a modest cost and they will tell you if there is anything serious.

    Its a bit like going to the dentist where, even under the NHS, there are fees for certain procedures.

    Its time we started taking more personal responsibility for things like that.

  16. 12 minutes ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

    Aye, the sooner they stop doing health related stuff, the better. Are your takes getting wilder this year?

    Getting your ears cleaned out is hardly worthy of being classed as an essential health procedure.


  17. 1 hour ago, Crazy Days said:

    A wee while ago I needed my ears syringed. Local health centre contacted and said they can do it but must get authorisation from a doctor first. Made appointment with doctor who took a quick look and filled in the form.  A total waste of an appointment. Yes there might have been an underlying issue but surely that would have been picked up by staff carrying out the syringing.

    We need to adapt a more common sense approach to doctor's appointments.

    You can get that done privately at the high street hearing shops.

    Not very expensive.

    I thought the NHS had stopped doing that, quite correctly too.

  18. Brexit wasn’t just about trade deals and such like.

    Primarily, it was about sovereignty and being able to steer our own course in the world.

    I would liken it to how the nationalists feel about an independent Scotland. There is no economic case for tearing away from your next door neighbour and biggest market.

    Its sovereignty, nothing more, nothing less.

    My country is the UK, the nationalists see their country as Scotland.

    Its really quite simple.

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