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  1. 1 hour ago, Salvo Montalbano said:

    How does a single camera stream differ that much from watching a game at the stadium? Still one view and if anything having replays, the lack of travel, the ability to have food and drink (including alcohol if you so wish) and it being cheaper (even more so if more than one person is watching the stream) makes it a more appetising proposition than going to the game for some. I couldn't care less how many different angles I got of the game as long as I got to see it tbh. Had worse experiences of both streaming and being at a game live (shite view, bad weather, terrible parking, rubbish food etc) than watching a single camera feed from ParsTV.

    Have to agree with you.

    For me, it’s the weather (cold) which I find difficult to withstand.

    I was seriously considering not going on Monday depending on the weather so having the option of a stream (however good or bad) is a fantastic plus.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Elixir said:

    It is truly mind-boggling, and frankly terrifying, that we live among such people. Supposed 'progressive' types who (supposedly) support the EU, free movement, immigration etc, screeching for the borders to be shut to the filthy Chinese plague. 🥴🥴🥴🥴🥴

    Not even a hint of realisation from any of them.

    Listened to a very sensible take on this earlier by Prof. Carl Heneghan on GB News.

    According to him, absolutely no justification for restrictions.

    He was one of the few heroes of COVID.

  3. 56 minutes ago, Jedi said:

    I knew the doctor in the article would be unveiled as a troll/Tory sock puppet/telling lies etc. Therefore his contribution to the debate about the NHS in Scotland is irrelevant.

    In fact credit to the Scot govt for doing a sterling job against all the odds in Scotland despite all the restrictions they work under in finance and legislation. They are streets ahead of NHS England and NHS Wales, and we can look forward to seeing our national health and care services flourishing under the current administration, at the same time shouting down, and beating away any flies in the ointment like Tory doctors coming on the media and suggesting that they could be doing better. 

    Where does it state that Dr Kennedy is a Tory?

  4. 26 minutes ago, Granny Danger said:

    I would like to know what the critics of the SG’s handling of the NHS in Scotland see as the solution.

    They certainly have the right to criticise but I’d be interested to know how they think additional funds could be raised.

    You actually make a decent point.

    We have to accept that all political parties have failed miserably.

    Time to take politics out of it (if that is possible) to try to find the solution.

    There must be a better way as most other Western countries have better outcomes than we have and it is outcomes that count.

    We really  do need some blue sky thinking as, by default and not by design, we are heading towards a two tier system.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Theroadlesstravelled said:

    Her stick on bushy muff, which I imagine is very close to her real one and the bunch of vulgar, white Tory Terfs has made me question my own sexuality.

    You got a problem with white people?

  6. I’m not a lawyer but I think the AGM is meant be held within 6 months of the accounting year end I.e. 30th November but a 3 month extension can be requested if the Accounts are not ready I.e. to 28th Feb 2023.

    Whatever is the case it can’t be too long before the papers are sent out.

    Just need to be patient, I suppose.

  7. 2 minutes ago, RC55 FFC said:

    I’ll add weight to it as was there that night too prior to the Dundee match. I can’t recall word for word but I too took from both KJ & JS that the financial hole was covered & they were actually looking at going over and above the £400k needed as depending on a number of factors (ie a concert) they may be able to pay £100k to replace the pitch with £150k coming from grants for that project. 

    I assume any official comms on this will come once the T’s have been crossed & I’s dotted as someone else said. 

    Sounds great if correct.

    Presumably the concert £100k will be June 2023 I.e, next year’s Accounts?

  8. 44 minutes ago, latapythelegend said:

    If that's the case then I'm looking forward to the AGM being announced as the dire position we are in appeared to be the only reason it was postponed.


    Im sure Zbairn will be correct which means that there should be no impediment to proceeding with the AGM. 

  9. On 23/12/2022 at 21:08, Granny Danger said:

    No, we need to work to change things; nothing is more important.

    As it is I’m pretty happy with the decisions that have been made including free travel for young people, though scrapping it wouldn’t make much of a dent in nurses wages.

    I’m also happy with free university tuition, free prescriptions and all the other positive things the SG has done.


    Do you actually have a residence in Scotland or do you just stay abroad for most of the year?

    Would be interesting to know?

  10. 1 hour ago, welshbairn said:

    You only arrived at the politics forum because the Falkirk thread wanted you to take your daftness somewhere else.

    I think you’ll find my ‘daftness’ will prove to be correct in the end.

    The football people were idiots and would have been quite at home in China.

    Anyway, I have no issues with you. 
    Courteous and fair.

  11. Really sorry to hear about Oaksoft.

    He was one of the few people I could relate to, albeit he and I didn’t agree much on politics.

    He was quite left leaning.

    He did a great job on Covid and very much supported freedom of the individual against the lockdown policies of both the SNP and UK governments. 
    All that’s going to be left on here are the SNP, left wing, woke fan boys which is sad really but there it is.

    Ill probably just stick to the Football Forums, if at all, as there isn’t much room for dissent from the perceived norm.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Clown Job said:

    I like how they say this as if it’s a bad thing 


    If you set a rate of tax too high and make it uncompetitive then you end up bringing in less money.

    Whether the 6% is too high, remains to be seen.

  13. 14 minutes ago, Jacksgranda said:

    My experience of the NHS, both in relation to myself and my extended family, has also been excellent.

    I think we would agree that if you have an accident or an emergency then, yes, I too have had no problems with the NHS.

    The problems relate to elective surgery and the enormous waiting times which are totally unacceptable.

  14. 12 minutes ago, The Skelpit Lug said:

    I get that there will always be people in the position of getting what they want but I'm more concerned with people getting what they need. Not everyone is in the fortunate position of being able to afford private hospital work. I think it's undeniable that a main thrust of Tory ideology is privatisation where possible. That the SNHS can, with limited resources, recognise the problems and mitigate the worst is appreciated, I'm sure. But if any Westminster government decides to slash their Health budget (any department budget) does that not then impact on Barnett? Which then makes 'mitigation' of policies which run against the SG way forward even more difficult.

    The SG, if it so desires, can keep increasing taxes as we have just seen. 
    Bear in mind, through Barnett it receives much more per person than most of the other countries and regions of the UK.

    Sorry, far too easy to blame the Tories.

    A good friend of ours is seeing a surgeon today privately because she can barely walk due to requiring a new hip.

    She is NOT well off but waiting 2/3 years on the NHS is not an option at the age of 80.. If she opts to go ahead this will cost her £15 to £20k, a good part of her life savings.
    What is your idealistic socialist solution for her, today?




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