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  1. What a result and gees it was tense but once our 3rd went in I don't know what we were playing at. Accies not as bad as made out so that was an excellent hard fought win. We have several leaders in the team now who were all excellent today.
  2. Great result. A real statement after a mini slip up. Well done.
  3. Big test for McGlynn today. Anything other than a win today and doubts over him will start to creep in again.
  4. That was crazy from McGlynn. At the same time, those fringe players can never chap his door now to ask why they aren't playing. McGinn is completely done, Mackie was dire, Alfie was what we were told he'd be like and that's me finished with Allan, what a pathetic performance from him. A shocker from McGlynn and hopefully won't cost us in the quest to get to the Championship.
  5. The big question this sat and as mentioned earlier, can McGlynn finally get a result against a title contender. He hasn't done it yet and I know he's had a few good results with us but let's be honest we'd much rather these big results were in the league. Let's hope Saturday is the 1st.
  6. Today is the day we have potentially knackered our season. The lack of will to get this game on has allowed Hamilton to leapfrog us. The game in a fortnight really suits Hamilton now.
  7. We haven't tried and it's looking a terrible decision as it stands!
  8. Disgraceful Stenny have got the game on and we haven't even attempted to clear the pitch. Probably a lot of Xmas nights out in hospitality today looking for refunds I'd imagine.
  9. Plenty time to get pitch cleared. Not good enough
  10. McGlynn isn't exactly known for doing the business in the games it matters and this weekend it certainly matters. Could put us full of confidence and knock the stuffing out of Cove or very much the opposite affect.
  11. A good post this and sums up the way I've been feeling especially after last seasons shambles. Dare I say I perhaps haven't even got fully over that night at Airdrie. It's been great this season and I don't want it falling away with a bad December.
  12. In no way being doom or gloom, just looking at how things could pan out. When you compare Cove's line up in August when we nicked the late goal to their line up now its like night and day. There's no point skelping Dundee United in Challenge Cup if we can't do that against rivals in the league which is much more important. Let's hope the lads can go out there and give us an early Xmas present. It's crucial for the mindset heading to Hamilton. Kelty have also come in to better form. This month isn't for the faint hearted.
  13. Really bad feeling about Saturday. We've had a great win against Dundee United but other performances recently have been OK nothing special and now dropped a few points. Cove are flying just now and will really fancy their chances. We seem to create plenty of chances but guilty of a poor conversion rate.
  14. Agree with poster earlier. We are maybe a couple players short but to win this league we have to go and win. Other teams dig deep so why can't we?
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