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  1. Surely ek can’t be happy with that result , giving it was at home , Stranraer huge favourites now and all hard work could be for nothing from MK AGAIN
  2. crazy that shortleese not mentioned as up there , can’t see past them imo and only getting better every week
  3. the thorn quietly going about their business , fantastic footballing team who play it the correct way , unlike teams around them who have been poaching other teams players with the lure of a massive cash incentive ,
  4. guys , still looking for club if anyone is interested please message or facebook me please , cheers reid
  5. hi there , experienced goalkeeper reid fisher looking for club , anyone interested pm me for details , previous clubs , ardeer thistle , newfarm afc, galston united , shortleese amateurs , craigmark , thanks .
  6. i see craigmark are interested in signing the boy fisher from shortleese amateurs , fantastic goalkeeper although a bit mental between the sticks , some coup if they can pull this off
  7. people like darvel legend etc are what darvel are aww about , actually love and support for the team , this gall isn’t giving a fk it’s went down the pan , was just a way to keep occupied and something to have an interest in whilst it was going well , now it’s hit the fan , all give him to xmas before he is away and darvel fans left to pick up the pieces
  8. might sound mad but tucker could do worse than looking at say annbank amateurs for a few players who his sons are with , few decent boys there who are performing week in week out , winning leagues and cups , i know huge step up in class but never no if the recruitment has been as bad as some say ,
  9. shortleese will do well to finish top 4 imo if they don’t get it sorted , 3 out of first 4 beat and shit loads of red cards, suspensions will mount up but theve done it time and time again so will keep close eye on it , newfarm / stewarton teams to beat for me
  10. what a riddy , slagging off a club because they aren’t as mighty as the talbot , they are in the cup because maybe the boys in the team and those involved want to try their luck every year and no every year they’ll draw talbot etc , imo it’s pure ignorance slagging them off and saying they don’t deserve it or won’t be going to watch the game etc etc , would love an upset for this reason alone ( although prob unlikely )
  11. shortleese or annbank for premier knockentiber or xhouse for 1st mauchline for 2nd
  12. johnston burgh 1 - 5 hurlford , money doing wonders there
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