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  1. Watched 1 or 2 games & it’s obvious the covid break has effected nearly all the teams quality wise…Lots of players missing for various reasons..ridiculous decision to have a 9 team Prem doesn’t help? 2nd Divisions have thrown up some decent sides so far..impressed with Troon Dundonald & Blacks Bar again so far
  2. Thot P&B was for a bit of banter, bit of sharing the fitba gossip,bit of exchanging views on game..not for having a personal go at fellow amateur folk..who incidentally give up their time to keep Ammy fitba going..just a point !!!!!!!
  3. Any games tonight Wednesday 19th Nay in Ayrshire
  4. Nope....be hard to get a season started never mind finished!!
  5. Think way it’s looking fitba could be a long way away again...looking like a lockdown similar to Ireland in the pipeline
  6. I don’t think ammy fitba could take much more of a hit than say another couple of weeks added in to the 2 weeks we have now? WOSFL is already a shambles with teams pulling out all over the place & ammy teams may well do the same
  7. Question is now...IF amateur fitba is stopped for much more than the 16 days than it is right now...will we be able to start & complete season 20/21??
  8. Ok...lowland..pyramid structure..blah blah blah.. question is..will the big boys start without the wee boys ?
  9. Problem with that is will the juniors start? Apparently Prem clubs are aye & rest are no? Can they start Premier League only?
  10. Disnae look good..obvs everything off till fortnight on Sunday but maybe clearer when we get some clarity fae SFA
  11. Hearing the juniors are having a meeting next day or 2 to decide if they starting or not? Wd all contracts be null & void if this happened??
  12. Surely can’t be a national lockdown...a regional one depending how bad your region is?
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