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  1. If its a load of shite, it doesn't matter. As I said it may well be but I also know a couple of the wosfl squad and they have been told to expect it. That being said I also know plenty at New Farm and none have said anything but then again they may not have been told.
  2. A Wosfl club telling everyone who will listen that they are merging. Probably a load of shite but no ones denying
  3. Hearing KFA folded tonight. That's prem down to 10 teams and Blacks struggling and the rumours about New Farm jumping ship this could be a shambles of a prem season with 14 games played.
  4. Really really hard to argue with any of this. Iv no idea how the running of the game go, so fsor play to them for putting themselves up there, but this issue has been going on for years as you say so surely someone somewhere at sfa safa or local associations level has brought this up and STILL zero changed.
  5. Cupar, Castlemilk and Gartcosh must be the favourites. I think Ayrshires best hope is still Shortlees, a team of winners. Annbank, NewFarm and Glenburn are capable in one off games but not sure they have that extra spark needed at the very top.
  6. Annbank will win the Premier imo, followed by a much improving Shortlees, couple more big signings coming this week for them too. Will be a great battle at the top of the 1st between local rivals Tiber and Waverly. I cannot make up my mind who takes top spot but they 2 to be promoted for me. Could Belfield sneak that 3rd promotion spot. I hope they do. Mauchline all day long for the 2nd division. Beith taking 2nd spot.
  7. Really enjoy looking at these updates every Sunday. Some amount of work and man hours must go into it. Keep up the good work
  8. You have alot of top class points here. Something needs to change and soon. Amateur football is dying. Ayrshire Amateur football is clinging on for dear life. This was suppose to be one of the most competitive Premier leagues in years. Now they have already lost a big name in Tarbolton and a couple other teams playing a team full of 16 year old boys, just to fulfil fixtures. All while scored of other young adults watch on coz they played under 20s the night before. Dual contracts are an absolute must, however, that may also force Amateur teams to almost fall un under the umbrella of wosfl teams. Leaving the ones that dont/can't to die
  9. I'm not objecting to anything. Merely pointing out that the people taking swipes are doing so out of bitterness and jealously as there has been zero recent sign of what they are spouting
  10. Some of you all sound like absolute greeting faced weapons with the jealousy absolutely ripping out of yous. Yous can comment all you like about big time Charlie's and arrogance but this thread was like any other teams thread for the first bunch of games of the season when Darvel had maximum points , no gloating or bumming up. It only decended into this drivel when they NARROWLY lost to a top team. Sounds more like bitterness than trying to bring them down a peg or two. Embarrassing
  11. Well said. The guys a walloper. Probably been rejected by Pearson in the past.
  12. Hearing the game thos Saturday is in doubt. Both teams struggling for a team. Surely not, they had about 19 players each for the game in belfield.
  13. Dirrans 11-1 Darvel Stewarton 2-5 Shortlees
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