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  1. Two good posts which pretty much sum everything up. The only plus for me yesterday (clutching at straws for any positives!) is that we seem a bit stronger physically as a team than at the start if the season, although Johnstone, Connolly and Ferguson are still too lightweight for this league. Brydon was my MoM; strong, competent and can't fault his effort and willingness to try to sort that mess out. Some of the guys in the enclosure need to take a good look at themselves though - the offensive language being shouted in the second half when the enclosure was filling with kids and parents (seeking autographs at full-time) was ridiculous and belongs in a bygone age. Fair enough shouting your displeasure (and the performance was truly awful and frustrating), but screaming shouts like 'useless f***ing pr**k' and similar language have no place in a public sports venue with kids about. I'm not offended (been around long enough, and remember the days when it was much worse) but I was embarrassed for those families that were there. No doubt that'll be a few more kids and parents not returning . Come on lads, I know the team were dreadful but get a grip of yourselves and show a wee bit of respect.
  2. Maybe it's just me, but I actually quite enjoyed the match today After some of the earlier appalling games this season, I vowed not to return until something significant changed, ie a new manager or significant signings. But the Stephen Dobbie Testimonial whetted my appetite again (and don't forget; I've been going to Palmerston for 50 years, so have pretty much seen it all) and I toddled along today. But I had absolutely no expectation, and to be honest expected us to lose. But we didn't. Sure, we struggled up front. But I thought the effort was there. There's no getting away from the fact that many of the current team just aren't good enough, but although poor quality from a football perspective the performance was far from hopeless today. There was always some hope, which is more than I expected. I thought that Todd, Ambrose, McIntyre, and McGuffie did well. Connelly good in patches. Poor Hutchinson tried his best, but he's a yard short of most things, made few tackles, and won almost nothing in the air; not what you need from a centre forward. That said, I thought the cheering when he was subbed was out of order - the team performance wasn't his fault, and after all he tried his best. Anyway, it was an end-to-end game that although devoid of any real quality at least kept me interested for the 90 mins. I've seen much worse in my 50 years!
  3. That sums it all up pretty well. I too found his appointment 'refreshing' and had high hopes, as I'm sure the Board did. But for the first time in 50-odd years I've stopped going to matches. And that includes the dreadful seasons in the '80s and early 90s. Sad really. However, I was back today for the Dobbie Testimonial. Great to see some of our past high-quality players on display, and although I enjoyed the occasion it did make me realise how far we've fallen.
  4. Nicely put. Public ridiculing of individual players, or even groups of players, is a sign of poor, and in this case inexperienced and naive, management. Such a shame, as I was happy when he was appointed and for the first few games last season. However, there's not even a glimmer of light now, and for the first time since the mid-1970s I've stopped going to games when I'm free. I'm actually embarrassed for the Club at the moment. I'll be back when he's gone, but not before.
  5. Pretty much agree with everything posted before this. Midfield absolutely way too lightweight, Todd excepted (who I thought was OK) and was completely overrun. Ferguson looked absolutely lost, and was so absent it was like playing with only 10 men: made virtually no tackles, ran around marking nobody, and just didn't seem to want the ball. The only thing I recall he did was give away a daft free kick just outside the box. No wonder he was hooked at half-time. McKechnie I thought played well, but was up against it with little support from the rest. Mackay wasn't good enough last year and still isn't. Mimnaugh was off the pace today, especially first half. Logan had a right off-day. Walker started OK but faded. Connolly didn't make much of an impact. Reilly works as hard as ever but not effective today; I'd have taken him off and kept McKechnie on alongside new boy Hutchinson. On the plus side, Gibson was excellent when he came on (has to start); the new keeper Stone looks OK; Hutchinson showed some nice touches once he settled down (the bloke in the enclosure mouthing-off loudly that he wasn't good enough after he'd only been on the pitch 20 mins on his debut was talking out his a**e); and McLelland I think has the makings of a fine centre-half. Ambrose again did what was required when he came on and settled the ship somewhat. Overall a pretty disappointing afternoon, and I'll be interested to see Marvin's take on it all and whether he holds his hands up and admits to completely screwing-up the team selection.
  6. One of the worst matches I’ve seen at Palmerston for a long, long time. Truly awful. I thought Wilson was the only consistently decent player, with Todd and Gibson doing OK in spells but unable to break the monotonous ineptitude of the team as a whole, Gibson’s excellent goal excepted. Things picked up a bit when Irving came on; he did OK considering. Confidence and morale seemed rock-bottom, and for the life of me I couldn’t see what the game plan was. Desperate stuff. Plenty for the new manager to get his teeth into!! Happy New Year!!
  7. Completely agree. I like Murray, and he's got a good bit of talent, but for me he lacks grit and too often drifts out of games. You don't see him getting stuck-in very often, and as he's no heavyweight he gets pushed around too often. Needs to up his game really, but hopefully the coaching staff are working on that with him.
  8. Really enjoyed that watch last night. There’ve been some awful Fri night Championship TV matches but this wasn’t one of them. Well done Arbroath There’ll be a few Championship boards looking at the Arbroath set-up and wondering if that’s the way to go. Tidy, well-maintained ground (love the mood lighting in the tunnel!), entertaining team, personable manager, and a visible connection with the fanbase. Just makes me sad the my home team has none of that whatsoever at the moment
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