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  1. It was a static image-all you needed was a screengrab of your ticket from the app (or even a photo of your card)
  2. He was never rated as highly as he would have been had he been signed as a full back, I reckon. Because he was signed as a forward and was rubbish at that, and then tried as a winger and wasn’t that good at that, there was always the feeling (for some, not me) he was just filling in at RB (sometimes LB). However he did become a genuinely decent reliable fullback at least defensively (i.e. his core duty). It was also useful to have pace in the wing, even if his crossing left something to be desired. One of the reasons we went down was that Elliot was injured for more than half that season. It is worth noting he was a regular for much of those 7-8 years, and they were our most successful years in recent history. He then won promotion with Dundee. tl;dr: Decent player, underrated.
  3. While I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you, we did manage 7 goals in the 4 playoff games, with many more chances created, particularly in the last match.
  4. Well that highlights package has fair cheered me up. Marvellous stuff.
  5. I thought Sneddon made genuinely good progress last season and was happy starting with him as first choice this season. However, he seems to have badly regressed this year unfortunately.
  6. Personally I like the playoff setup for this division other than the inclusion of the premier team. My preference therefore would be - 11th straight down, with 4thv3rd to play for the right to play 2nd in a playoff final
  7. While I obviously want us to win the playoffs, I’m not that enamoured with playing in the Premiership it must be said. Obviously the arse cheeks have something to do with it, but mainly VAR
  8. Both teams have much better home records than away records (only Arbroath has a worse away record than Airdrie), so it does seem the advantage is with us
  9. A clean sheet which was the difference ultimately between us or them being relegated that year.
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