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  1. Now the dust has settled we just have to try and move forward. Massive missed opportunity. Murray needs to land on a settled 11 for the run-in IMO. Looked a different team without Watson. Euan Murray needs to give us so much more in terms of leadership. Wasn’t his biggest fan first time round and retain same view we could do a lot better. If Ashcroft wasn’t hurt I’ve no doubts he’d have been dropped.
  2. Hope Arbroath go on a wee run now. No idea what to say about our lot, deary me.
  3. if Murray doesn't make Dabrowski walk home in his flip flops tonight he should be sacked on Monday.
  4. shambles from Dabrowski. Subs on please, loads of time left - calm.
  5. He's been sensational tonight in his general play. Get him in the shower early with a pie, Marlboro Red and a pint of Tennents and get Jack Hamilton on.
  6. Perfect word majestic. Did a great job getting it on target, hope the mid air shot is on his house wall by Monday.
  7. serious lack of jackets wi the smokies young team. The kid giving the w*nker sign looks like he'll need his maw to tuck him in with a hot drink after this. Edit to add - I'm not in UK but got UK pictures, had shots of the crowd but Dick Campbell narrating a defeat to Killie which was strange.
  8. Excellent first half. Matthews and Vaughan have been really excellent. 2nd goal and this could be any number. But we don't do multiple goal wins so excited for the last 15min defending of the box as long balls get pumped in and we wildly panic.
  9. Always reckon a gaffer randomly shouting at the bench (consisting of players he hasn't picked) what the team are doing wrong is a sure fire sign on a man that knows what he's doing.
  10. Was thinking same on 2nd glance, reckon a man with sleeves does better IMO.
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