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  1. Bought the Brechin stream on Saturday and have to congratulate Premier as it was perfect.
  2. The defence did all that was required and looked fine to me. We had a lot of first picks missing today but looked quite solid. Brechin played well and gave us little time on the ball until 2.0 when we took control. Let’s see how it goes. Premier sports coverage was first class and well worth the £9.99.
  3. Great steady picture and sound on Premier Sports.
  4. How many months does one need to keep it. £9.99 a month seems a good deal but you need the option to cancel after the cup is finished.
  5. We are beginning to get the squad together now. Looking a lot better than last year at this time.
  6. Still pleased Gunn was the goalie not the two from the SPFL. Still think Zander is the better keeper but I am biased.
  7. Glad for Zander he is on the bench but is better than Gunn.
  8. Now this season is over, at last we can look forward to a fresh start. This must have been the most frustrating season I can remember for a long time. I look forward to many wins and many goals.
  9. Just shows the advantage of have a proven goal scorer like Simon Murray. We must take this as a warning as you can only get away with luck for so long. We must spend to find the best striker available near our budget.
  10. Not much luck has come our way this season so we were due it.
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