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  1. Hope the Staggies are on it tonight. They’ll need to be. We’re absolutely dreadful on Sunday.
  2. It's not a page I can stomach going on too often, but really been enjoying playing the best type of bingo on the SRE, while looking at what's been posted since Friday. "Look where we were last season" "Shut up and just get behind the team" "If you're not happy, go and support .........." "Stop complaining about results/performance/anything because you don't go to enough games/I'm a bigger fan than you" "It's only a game anyway" "Support the club through tH1cK aNd th1N!!!!" Full house? Painful.
  3. After just getting pumped 5-0 at home, 8-0 on aggregate in a Premiership Play Off Semi-Final. That's a total fucking embarrassment.
  4. Assuming everyone received this e-mail, as I got it too and my order was very early and around 2 hours before they "closed the shop due to high demand" which as you say, was them realising they've made a c**t of it and oversold. Absolutely not good enough.
  5. That's my money now been taken out my account, and no longer pending. Phew! Absolutely buzzing to get this now.
  6. Managed to get the whisky box after 30 mins of slow loading but as mentioned already, I’m far from confident. Doesn’t help that the payment is showing as “pending” when I check online banking rather than the payment being in the “OUT” tab. If it’s not officially came out my account, it’s not confirmed yet which makes me a bit anxious. Can anyone please confirm if they have had their payment confirmed or is it “pending” for you as well?
  7. Still absolutely buzzing after that last night. There’s no getting away from how bad that first half was but I’d rather bask in the feeling of the second half and result. McGinty’s post match celebration though….. As a fan, there’s no better feeling than seeing a reaction like that from your player. Captain fantastic, and fair play to him because he’s worked his arse off in 2022, and proven himself worthy to lead the team. Love the big b*****d! So chuffed for Dipo, the goals were coming and I believe he will be a great signing for us. Pleased for Bullen as well. He is a guy you just really want to do well and he needed that last night. Hopefully we can kick on now.
  8. I asked the bald c**t in the grey suit, who I'm guessing is an official club representative if he just couldnae take the fact his shite team got beat to which he responded by inviting me into the car park "to talk about it". Wow.
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