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  1. The statement seems to aimed towards all Scottish Teams in the future so hopefully 11 guest places up for grabs next year. Fairest option would be top 5/6 from the Highland/Lowland. Unless Cowden & Berwick finish out of the top 6 then we should get 2 spots just to wind up everyone on here.
  2. By the looks of it, its the top 2 plus all the ex SPFL teams. I'm not complaining due to Berwick being in it, but does seem unfair as the Highland League entrants are last years top 5.
  3. Why would we not exist? We've survived as a Lowland League team since coming down in 2019. might not be a SPFL team but we will certainly survive.
  4. Points Against B Teams: Cowdenbeath - 8pts Caley - 7pts East Stirling - 7pts Cumbernauld - 6pts East Kilbride - 6 pts Stirling - 6pts Berwick - 4pts Bo'ness - 4pts CSS - 3pts Tranent - 3pts Linlithgow - 2pts Albion Rovers - 1pt Gala - 1pt Gretna - 1pt Broomhill - 0pts Edinburgh Uni - 0pts
  5. I'd take bookings and bottom of the fair play table in exchange for 2nd in the Lowland League (B Teams dont count) everyday of the week.
  6. This season hes played 8 less than Tom Grant but 6 more than Gemmell.
  7. Just the 7 bookings for McCormack this season equal with Tom Grant and below Michael Gemmell on the diciplinary record table. Bo'ness are bottom of the fairplay table also on 56 bookings, 2 second yellows and 0 straight reds.
  8. Taking the B teams out and EK out due to their vastly larger budget. You cant really argue against Stuart and Michael. Without meaning to cause offence Bo'ness have been a bit of a surprise this season. Big improvement on last year.
  9. Well Fagan is now EK from Albion. Plus EK's player turn over makes it difficult as they've used 37 different players this season hence why so few based on stats alone.
  10. Yeah I missed that off. Transfermarkt has him down as missing 270 minutes but its due to Hearts B playing 3 more games. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-lowland-football-league/dauerbrenner/wettbewerb/SC5L/plus//galerie/0?saison_id=2023&pos=Torwart&detailpos=&altersklasse=alle
  11. Take your pick from the below. Mckenzie Kirk (CF) - Hearts B has to be in with 26 Goals 6 Assists in 20 games, a goal every 69 mins. Cammy Ross (CF) - Tranent, 18 Goals 3 Assists (Worst Discipline in the league 3 Yellow 2 Straight Reds) Niyah Joseph (LW) - Albion Rovers, 15 Goals 3 Assists. Callum Sandialnds (CAM/CF) - Hearts B, 16 Goals 7 Assists. Billy Mortimer (CF)- Cumbernauld Colts, 14 Goals 5 Assists. Liam Buchanan (CF) - Berwick Rangers, 15 Goals 1 Assist a goal every 83 mins. Scott Ferguson (RM) - East Kilbride, 10 games 8 Goals 1 Assist. Ryan Porteous (LM) - Bo'ness United, 15 Goals 1 Assist. Daniel Martins (CB) - Caley Braves, barely missed a minute this season only 6 Clean Sheets though Sean Fagan (CB) - Albion Rovers, 27 Games 10 Clean Sheets Adam Fernie (RB) - Albion Rovers, 27 Games 11 Clean Sheets Cameron Dickson (LB) - Cumbernauld Colts, 29 Games 9 Clean Sheets Ross Connelly (GK) - Albion Rovers, 28 Games 26 Goals Conceded 11 Clean Sheets Liam McFarlane (GK) - Hearts B, 31 Games 36 Goals Conceded 9 Clean Sheets (Played every minute)
  12. I watched and recommended him whilst working for Cowdenbeath, was watched again by other scouts at Cowdenbeath and then Dumbarton after some of us made the move. Big tall strong CF mainly used as a target man. not the most prolific of goal scorers 14 goals in 56 games with 5 assists in the LL but still only 22 and with the right partnership up top should be a great addition to Montrose.
  13. Live stream cancelled due to a electrical fault at Alliance Park. Commentary is still available on Twitter/X
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