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  1. Ray spoken to at Easter road? This must be a story I've not heard...
  2. Ah i see, Cheers. could not find a thing about it online. how bad?
  3. Whats happened to Daniel O'Rielly? only played one game for you lot and has seemingly disappeared.
  4. I thought he was out because of an operation? On another note, is there any news on Ashcroft?
  5. A lot of people talking about Murray tonight; isn't he injured?
  6. What on earth is going on with Hamilton's socials? Why is there two accounts doing the same thing, and why has one of the admins labeled themselves "Club Supremo"?
  7. From what I can see ( I may be missing something ) this doesn't include any prize money for where we finish in the league this season. 4th place would mean we essentially break even. I think.
  8. Could you elaborate further on how you came to that number? I'm intrigued. I didn't think the numbers needed for such a calculation would be publicly available.
  9. I'd argue that If someone pays for 1883 benefits and information they are then free to do whatever they please with it.
  10. I don't think the claim is as bold as you make out. See Kevin Nisbet... Vaughan certainly displayed more potential and talent at a young age than the aforementioned, just see Nisbets history pre Raith Rovers to prove that. Far from certain that he would have got a sniff at the scotland squad, but when you see some of the players that have in recent years ( Brophy, Burke, Shinnie, ect), it's certainly plausible that no injuries and the premiership move he would have got would have spurred national team discussion, given a good bit of form. If your nan had wheels and all that however...
  11. Dundee Chasing Particks McMillan now has rumours of Ashcroft heading to Patrick. Can't say I'm surprised. Here's hoping not the case though
  12. Think people are forgetting the defensive form the team displayed when Waston was in the team. Between second of September and second of December we didn't concede more over two goals in any game, conceding 10 goals in three months. We, for a period of time, were defensively solid.
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