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  1. I loved playing at Abbey park , but the club had to move as the dressing rooms were nothing short of a disgrace and should have been condemned when I played there in the early 2000s. No matter who the committee were their hands would have been tied in any attempts to upgrade the ground as the club didn't own it. No committee in their right mind would spend good money upgrading it only to lose it at some point. Look at Port Glasgow and many other clubs who have ended up homeless . Is the new set up perfect, no, but it's sure a lot better than before. The playing side of things has to be the priority just now for the present committee and gaining promotion back to the premier then the facilities can be looked at again.
  2. Anyone know anything about the two new lads?
  3. As usual the 1st Division is going to be a tough old league. Will be interesting to see how Medda and Lie do coming down from the premier, Traditionally it's always a struggle for teams to go straight back up. Both will no doubt have a lot of new players coming in and with the buffs also going through major changes in the squad , it does look like the Winton could cause an upset this season especially if they add a few more players to their squad. How many teams have made it up first time of asking after being relegated from the premier in last five- ten years? Must be a few statos out their who will know . I'd suspect can't be many
  4. Horrendous, been trying to get on and book courses is just hopeless!!
  5. To say they are beating the pathway drum now is not quite facts.. last season Sam Duncan, Josh London, Jack McMahon and latterly Campbell McLean all stepped up to the first team through the 20s! Four players is a decent return from their pathway and not many clubs do that .
  6. The buffs will be fine. I am not in the know about budgets but even if it has been cut it doesn't guarantee they won't be successful on the park. Look at the reported money thrown about by Johnstone last season and they just made it up. Bigger budget only guarantees you will spend more wages on slightly above average players at times! The new team just need to find the right blend of youth , experience and character. Money doesn't guarantee that!
  7. Ah thanks for the info, really surprised at my old club not having a pathway now as no doubt if they did it would undoubtedly attract the best young talent around given their standing in the game in Glasgow.
  8. Short sighted in my opinion... especially if the club's financial position has changed, bringing through your own homegrown players surely is the way forward then?
  9. If we are talking hundreds of pounds in difference then I full understand players moving just for the money , but there is so many players nowadays that will haggle over £10, 20-30 a week , which I have witnessed first hand and then go to a club with lesser facilities, lesser fans and less prestige just for a few extra pounds. For me when I played I wanted to go somewhere with a decent set up and chance of winning things but most of all the chance to play in front of a big home support with great atmosphere. I genuinely turned down more money on a couple of occasions elsewhere to play at the likes of Pollok, Kilwinning and Arthurlie who all had great support at that time. It's a different mentality these days , but so many clubs offering crazy money doesn't help, that's pushes the expectations up even more. I think as fans we just need to except that things have change due to the money, and it's very unlikely to go back to the way it was.. We are unlikely to see a Kevin O'Neil , Ben Lewis or similar very often now. Top players who were loyal and happy to stay at their clubs for years to come given the temptations elsewhere now.
  10. Desire, attitude , mentality and commitments is the difference ,as with that then comes the consistency. Because as you go up the leagues in general there is very little difference in terms of skill level but without the first part all the skill in the world won't get you there.
  11. My own opinion is there will always be late developers in football that slip through the senior net and end up plying their trade in the WOSFL never to be scouted but no doubt had the talent to go much higher and maybe international level if given a chance. No doubt ever fan on here could pick out players from past teams who were an absolute stand out and could and should have played at a far higher level, and who know then what heights they may have got too. I was lucky to have played with and against International players in my stint at senior level before dropping down to the juniors aged 24. And in my junior career I played with and against many players who undoubtedly had the talent to play much higher, but just were never given the chance , or were happy playing at the level they were at . Martin McGarvey, ex Arthurlie is one example of that, he was as good as anyone I played with or against in my career and if someone had taken a chance on him who knows where he could have got too. Such a talented footballer and football brain!
  12. Do most clubs in the WOSFL not have a youth pathway now and this is required as part of the pyramid system?
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