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  1. Every time they post a video it gets better and better. This media team are up there with the laddies - excellent! I suspect Hanlon will be next! Mcneil will stay but expect Corr to move on. He’s too good to be. Bench warmer - or maybe even in the stand with the defenders we have bought now. Needs game time
  2. I think he will go to thistle. His last interview sounded like he wanted to be closer to home
  3. Learning by sitting on the bench watching someone over 10 years older? The new cb’s are excellent and a vast improvement to what we have but the laddie needs to get out and play, it’s the only way he will “learn and develop”
  4. To be fare mate my grandson heard this and he is ages with the laddie (he has just came for lunch and I asked him about it) there was a video on Snapchat seeing him being escorted off of the plane
  5. Surely that story about the diverted flight is not about AA?!? He’s a young laddie with talent surely he wouldn’t do something so bloomin stupid? Wonder how long until our next new signing? Now I know how the bairns feel at Christmas waiting on Santa!
  6. I honestly don’t think turner will sign. He will be looking for a team closer to home going by his interview of “personal” matters I really liked him when he played in the right position. A real asset to the team and was missed in the county games
  7. I’m like a kid at Christmas waiting on new signings. My refresh button is wearing out! Come on team give us more signings!
  8. Yeah he was decent in that game but not so much the rest of the season
  9. One things for sure whoever we sign will be above 25/26. Murray is well known for playing with “experience” no matter how many mistakes they make. We have young guys with speed and ability who yes albeit maybe make mistakes also but that’s football. It’s only them we all moan about. Let the young laddies get decent loan deals with a clause to take them back if there are any injuries etc. excited for the movement over the next few days on who we sign/move on. #COYR
  10. So if we go for 3 at the back and we do sign another CH where do we see Murray and Dick? Obviously with Watson away and Fordyce signed, would we take Ashcroft? His loan spell was over before it began god knows how much that cost us!
  11. I wouldn’t blame the laddie. Hes done the job when been called upon but he needs game time. Can’t comment on the family being vocal about him not playing. Never met them but wouldn’t blame them when manager would put anyone (even out of position players) infront of him. very interesting to see who’s coming in and where we see E.Murray and dick if we do go three at the back and sign another CH
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