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  1. Nah, it's surely Graham or Holt with presumably Graham pushing ahead as first pick. Graham did okay when played out of position on the right but much better when he went back to his natural position.
  2. On the released list, I'm disappointed to see McMann, Mochrie and Meekison there. McMann has been one of our best players this season and whilst he struggled last time we were in the Premiership he would have been a solid squad player. Maybe that's just sentiment though. Mochrie and Meekison are good footballers and Mochrie in particular has made a good contribution in the few games he has played. I think both will go on to play at a decent level. Holt, okay as back up. Cannae see Cudjoe staying and this is presumably just to ensure we get a fee. Not sure he's good enough to make up for his tiny stature.
  3. Nice laddie, runs about a lot, terrible footballer.
  4. Worth noting that Gogic turned 30 a couple of weeks ago, so if age is the concern then that can probably be put to one side. I mind he looked decent for Hamilton but wasn't sure whether he could make the step up. Since then he's gone to Hibs and then done well for St Mirren. Probably fair to say that he's at least a useful Premiership player and would do a job. Whether he'd come to United ahead of playing in Europe for St Mirren must be a question but its plausible.
  5. That was a braw night. Just read through the last six pages and noticed a sharp drop off in banter from the second goal onwards. Notwithstanding Thistle being pretty pish all night (no doubt with one and a half eyes on Tuesday's game) it was a very nice way to finish the season for United. Managed to give some time to the guys who contributed earlier in the season, a goal for each of the three top scorers and the player of the season, then finished off with about 10 minutes of keeping the ball and taking the piss. Could have been about 10 but that would have been rather gauche. Almost makes last season's horror show worthwhile. But not quite.
  6. No, you're saying, crack on it doesn't matter what you do. I think it might matter and I'd rather folk didn't ruin it for those of us who'd rather watch the presentation than run around on the grass - again - like a bairn. Not wishing to be the Fun Police but there will be actual Police who might decide to take on that role. I'd rather we didn't give them that chance.
  7. Tbf, Wato was a player. Big, strong, good technique. You could see why he'd been at a top academy. Shame he was an absolute bell-end. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wato_Kuaté Seems to be a recurring theme: goes on trial and shows up well. Gets a contract, immediately falls out with the club and gets released early. Rinse and repeat. United did well to only give him a couple of months. Still just 28 and at a club which doesn't even have a Wikipedia page.
  8. Yeah, that suggestion always seemed a bit odd to me. Luton paid a fee for him only 18 months ago and then sent him out on loan last summer. Obviously the English leagues are awash with cash but that seem feckless even by their standards.
  9. Not for me. He's clearly still a good player but not good enough to justify keeping a guy who is constantly injured.
  10. Not sure that makes you a particular authority on the topic, we also finished fourth two years ago.
  11. I don’t think we need to reference that man anymore. Please.
  12. I'd say taking two Academy players from nothing to first team regulars over the course of one season, whilst having to keep a championship winning team going is pretty impressive. Add to that Graham's re-emergence and Mochrie's match winning contributions from the bench and there's four guys who have played a significant role. Then there's Cudjoe and Glass who both made an impact, albeit for a shorter period and who now seemed to have slipped out of the picture. Meekison would surely have got more games but for injury. Seems rather churlish to look at all that and say the young guys haven't made an impression.
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