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  1. All of a sudden we've got a 'big' squad. Somethings gotta give!
  2. Don't know if it's him or not to be honest, I just made it up. Seems to be growing legs though!
  3. Mark Millar's a great player and I'd much rather have re-signed him than Kerr. I'm sure you'll be very happy with him.
  4. Who says we're desperate to sign him? I think the board would probably accept a derisory offer for Loy rather than lose him for nothing later but I don't see Baird as a replacement and hopefully Houstie doesn't either. He would be acceptable back up though.
  5. LA la la la la la la la la la la (with fingers in my ears). Agree about Taylor though.
  6. Might be some truth in that but I think he's just matured a bit (he's 19 now, no spring chicken you know) and realised that he needs to show more if he's going to go further in the game. The rumours of an imminent move to Norwich may have something to do with it too right enough. Or, of course MT, it may be the influence of his new manager that's doing it! Edited to add sarcastic wee smiley face.
  7. Simply my opinion, not a comment on the way you made the statement. However, get up to Peterheid and get him back down the road pronto. Tell him he can take a hammock and a mug of horlicks onto the pitch with him if he wants! ...and, amazingly Peterhead fans reckon he's been their worst player this season. Sounds like he's a bit disinterested.
  8. Maybe lazy at training but he's sure as f**k not lazy on the park.
  9. Are you talking about Mark Millar? What was said exactly?
  10. You need to get back to Alistair Sim, that always brightened up my day a bit!
  11. I turned up at 2.35 and had to stand in a long queue which looked like it had been forming for a wee while. The cash gates were empty.
  12. The way things are going I think I feel the same about you!
  13. Also in my best ever team, absolutely great player. Also a crabbit wee bugger!
  14. Although Jim was in my 'best ever team' compilation I would rate John Markie and the man in my photie just ahead of him! Hearts to Falkirk - George Miller, Craig Nelson, How could you hear what he was saying at 60mph?
  15. No, no and thrice no! Nothing against him but it's just not my style of football. We do need a striker though although I'm unsure of who's available now? The board need to release funds now! Think we should go for Darren Barr and offer Peterheid £50k for MM and see what happens. With a bit of luck he's got a release clause in his contract. Of course we know that this shower releasing any sort of decent money just aint gonna happen!
  16. You're joking right?! I reckon we've sold 10 players in around 6 years or so. Arfield, Stewart, Flynn, Wallace, Murdoch, Fulton, Kingsley and McGrandles from the academy and Taylor & Higgenbotham. That's got to be around £2.5 - £3m with add ons yet we still don't seem to be getting out of the bit. if it hadn't been for the academy we'd be challenging Morton & Ayr just now at best, very probably part time too. There don't seem to be very many more waiting in the wings however?
  17. Doesn't look like he could imo, just don't think he's equipped.
  18. I thought he was ok going forward, quite a neat and tidy player, poor defensively though. Re the holiday thing I think we've got to give him the benefit of the doubt. He signed midway through the season and maybe booked the holiday well before he had any inkling of coming to Falkirk.
  19. Aye, like who though? I personally haven't been particularly impressed by Graham any time I've seen him, even when he scored a hat trick against us but he did score a shed load of goals at this level and I don't think Houstie would sign somebody if he didn't intend to play to the player's strengths. If he wants to sign him, and it's a big if, he must think that he and Loy can play together.
  20. Can't think of anyone else other than Stainrod that gave us such a lift in such a short space of time! I picked Farid in my team of all time Falkirk greats so the thought of him scoring against us, especially at the stadium, is just doing my head in! It's also got me thinking of who we're going to get to partner Rory as we sure as f**k need somebody.
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