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Musicians You Would Like To "stop Recording"


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Without intending to cause any offence to fans of the ex-Pantera guitarist- if you could choose a similar event to occur at another 5 concerts, who would be on stage at the time? :ph34r:

1. Avril Lavigne

2. Jamie Cullum

3. Geri Halliwell

4. Phil Collins.

5. tempted as I am to put Avril Lavigne (just to make sure), I'll go for all of Westlife.

There's many, many more who could have made it.

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I'm cheating a wee bit but what the hell. I could list 105 never mind 5!!

1 Sting (The Devil)

2 Phil Collins (The Beast)

3 All boy bands and their spin off solo careers (so I get to include Robbie Williams)

4 All shitty 'girl' bands (Racists Aloud etc)

5 Both Beddingfields

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Guest Honest Bob

1. The Cheeky girls - Complete and utter sh*te!

2. Natash Bedingfield - 'I love you, I love you, I lo.....Oh just F*ck Off!!!

3. Starsailor - Depressing bunch of f*ckers!

4. DJ Casper - Could someone 'drive by' and shoot that fat c*nt !!!

5. Posh Spice - Do I have to give a reason?!

:angry::angry: :angry:

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1. Any reality TV manufactured p!sh (blanket cover for, Young, Gates, McManus, Sneddon, Lemar, Girls Aloud, Nadia, Cheeky Girls, Liberty X, any of the p!sh from current X Factor especially the 4 pr!cks)

2. Cliff Richard :death

3. All boy bands and subsequent solo careers (blanket cover for Timberlake, Keating, Williams, McFadden etc, etc)

4. Fatman Scoop (lets repeat our names and shout a lot)

5. Avril Lavigne (I'll give you complicated :angry: )

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Guest mrs stainrod


Daniel Bedingfield



Shaun Ryder



Girls Aloud

Victoria Beckham

Mariah Carey

Appleton sisters


Can't stand the lot of them <_<

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1. Busted, they're annoying wee p***ks should be serving in MacDonalds rather than inflict that shite on us.

2. That band which is like Busted in all but name, explains it all really. No musical talent whatsoever

3. Westlife, hate them. Always did, but the CD they just released would make Frank Sinatra (possibly my spelling to) turn in his grave.

4. Cheeky Girls. I mean wtf were they on about? I am the Cheeky Girl. F'ck off back to Romania and get your arse kicked there!

5. Cliff Richard. Just die...

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I thought this thread was about "Musicians"?

I've only seen two names so far who come anywhere near that description (Elton John & Phil Collins).

No way would I describe any of the rest as Musicians! :P:P:lol:

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