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Racing Games With Old-skool Tracks


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Bit of a geek question...

As the title suggests, anyone know of any games for PC or PS2 that have tracks from back in the day such as Nurburgring, Osterreichring, Kylami etc. and cars from the same area?

Had a wee google search and not really turned anything up. :(

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There is a game called Grand Prix Legends which has the full Nurburgring and cars from the 1960s. I never mastered it but apparently it's really good.

Alternatively get yer hands on F1 Challenge 99-02 by EA Sports then download some of the unofficial mods and stuff which are on the web. There is a fairly impressive modding community on the web, I've got the full Nurburgring for the game and I think a few old skool mods are in the works :D

http://www.sportplanet.com/hg has a decent forum and there are a few other sites like www.bhmotorsports.com

Hope that helped, I've got tons of racing games but I think GPl is the only olden days one without mods.

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