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Merseyside Derby


Who will win Sunday's Merseyside derby?  

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Given the poor league form of both sides recently a draw is the best bet for this one I'd think. Everton have doubts over Mikkel Arteta but welcome back James Beattie. Liverpool have long term injuries Cisse and Alonso out. Oh and Steve Watson could be coming back, watch out Reds. :lol:

Any other views on this game?

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I think it will be a draw as well although I hope everton win as liverpool have to be the most boring premiership team of the last 5 years. Every time I back them to win they lose as well and have cost me a small fortune so get it up them

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Good result, haven't heard anything about the game, only the result, who got injured & why did Milan get sent off?

Pity we blew it midweek against Blackburn :(

Good prediction Radford, I trust you had a wager on :lol:


Warnock, Morientes and Hamann all off before half time. Garcia would have been off as well if the three subbies hadnt already been made.

Liverpool dominated and should have been 4 or 5 up if Baros hadnt been shite. He missed at least two sitters.

He then got sent off for an assault on Alan Stubbs. Caught him above the knee, fud. <_<

Backs to the wall after that and were lucky to away in the end with a point.

I was very impressed with Pellegrino. I think he made a huge difference today and he kept the tempo up and didnt piss fart about the way Hyypia does. :)

Bring on Juve. :D

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As good as Pellegrino was, Carra was immense. POTY without a doubt.

DL, no bet on unfortunately due to the incompotence of HBOS.


Haven't been impressed by Pellegrino so far, although he has undoubted pedigree, but I will take your word for it.

I agree about Jamie, he is a great player, I would have him first on the team sheet every week.

Are any of the injuries serious?

I am extremely disillusioned with Baros these days :(

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