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  1. No time limits for me, if you are stopping the game may as well get it right. Id get rid of the screen, pointless going to it as will always change.
  2. This might be a weird idea but hear me out. We play games & award points based on the result. We then list who won the most points over the year. Teams that generally finish higher in that list over a reasonable length of time would generally be regarded as bigger. I think the top 5 are obvious, the 2 Dundee clubs probably next but not much between these clubs and others that are generally in the top flight. Then teams that are occasionally in the top league.
  3. Apart from VAR can't give yellow cards? Unless it was for dissent of course. Ref was hopeless but didn't effect the game.
  4. Kenny also has a dodgy firestick as watched Rangers & Hearts games at the weekend.
  5. How feasible would it be to only have VAR in TV games & bin it for everything else? Let our Fifa refs take all those games.
  6. I dont think they do, Match 37 is normally midweek game at the same time as the play off semi 1st leg. Unless 11th is decided before that of course.
  7. Does the A9 even go to Dingwall? Thought you had to go on a lesser road after Inverness
  8. Phillips must be one of the physically strongest player in the league, rag-dolls players all the time, good close control but doesn't really do much attacking wise. Just turned 23, easy to forget that based on his build.
  9. Had a week or so off? Certainly when we signed Keltjens it was said he join up with the squad "when they return to training on Thursday".
  10. We had a game at Dens on TV on a Friday night but cant remember if it was BT or Sky.
  11. Maybe I'm used to it now but I expected Mitov to save those shots. He's not playing out of his skin that's his standard performance.
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